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LG to showcase SmartThinQ Sensor at IFA 2015



Just a few days before IFA, LG has announced the SmartThinQ Sensor, and that will be showcased at IFA 2015 in Berlin on September 4. LG thinks that the SmartThinQ sensor is a device that you can attach to any home appliances to make them smarter to some extent.

SmartThinQ Sensor is a small shiny device that can be linked with many home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners. Once the device is connected to home appliances, it allows you to check its performance and also control the machine via a SmartThinQ application.

It has the ability to sense vibration and temperature of the appliance, for instance, when the device is connected to washing machine it will provide users a notification when the washing is complete or when the device is connected to refrigerator it will give an information of food items if it has expired. The equipment also adds remote control facility to their appliances means one can turn on and off their appliances by using a mobile application from anywhere in the world.

Smart gadgets are always attractive and expensive while it is not clear how the SmartThinQ will attach to your instruments, but we can say that though costly it will be a very handy gadget for the users. LG does not yet reveal pricing and availability of SmartThinQ , but it is sure that the equipment will be showcased at IFA 2015.

There are two more smart appliances from LG, the new Smart Lightwave Oven, and Smart Air Conditioner. Coming to Smart LightWave Oven, the Oven is Wi-Fi enabled and it can be controlled using the mobile application to set cooking modes, temperatures and time to complete a particular dish. It can not only be controlled, but you can also download and share the recipes with your family and friends.

On the other hand is the Smart Air Conditioner that can not only be remotely controlled via a mobile application, but will also notify you when the air filter should be replaced. These two products will also be displayed at IFA along with SmartThinQ so stay tuned for further details.


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