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5 Reasons Not to Buy the Apple iPhone 6S



Apple Keynote is one of the most awaited events of the year and like every year; the company claims that their new smartphones are the world’s best smartphone. Well, that is not new a thing for a company as we have been witnessing it for quite a time. So, when company announced its two new iPhones, it is safe to assume that Apple fans would have been satisfied with upgrades offered by the Cupertino giant.

But of course, nothing is perfect, and these devices definitely have missed on some parts that could have been better for the unconventional iPhone users. We have few reasons that say the new iPhone 6s isn’t as perfect as company portrayed it.


The Company has been proud of its iPhones and had always touted how thin its devices are. But the first and foremost thing we noted about the new 6s and 6s Plus was the increase in thickness. That is correct; Apple has replaced its iPhones with much thicker models this year. And it would have been justifiable if only the battery capacity was bigger.


It might sound strange to non-Apple users, but the company has made batteries much smaller on its new iPhones than what was found on the last year’s devices. Meanwhile, other manufacturers are finding ways to make room for bigger batteries on their smartphones each year, but Apple has apparently other priorities. A new official video from company revealed that the battery capacity is reduced to 1715mAh from 1810mAh battery on iPhone 6.

There hasn’t been a consumer study implying that battery life is the least important thing on a smartphone. So, if a company knowingly ignores the battery life on its device, then what do you make of it.

Though, according to Apple its new A9 processor is more efficient than their predecessors, as well as other components are less power-hungry. Apple is still claiming that its new iPhones would be getting same battery life in the real world use. Try imagining all of the new advancements on iPhone 6S with bigger battery capacity.


Before the event started, it was alleged that the new iPhone 6s will get higher resolution displays than their predecessors, although, Apple decided to keep the same panel this year too. It isn’t surprising that company didn’t go ahead with higher resolution, as the past pattern with S updates suggests.

We are not saying that Apple’s Retina display on new iPhone 6s is bad, it is far from that, but the thing is that it’s only 326 PPI, and it shows. Market is flooded with Full HD display smartphones having at least 401-pixel density. Though, 6s Plus has the 401 PPI count which is fine.


Apple might have increased the megapixel count on its new iSight camera up to 12, but the position remains same. It’s still placed off-center, moreover, now the camera bump is bigger with a large camera module.

Apple iPhone 6S 4K Video

In a statement, calling the bump an appalling compromise, which is really an ugly mark. Though ugly or not, it is still not a great choice for a company that is focused on the sleek design of its products. Now that camera bumps out more than ever, the scratches on the lens cover should be expected despite the fact that it’s made out of strong sapphire crystal. Moreover, it would make the iPhone rock a bit when placed face up on a table.

There is a thicker housings on this year’s iPhone 6s, whereas some people initially thought that Apple would make the entire camera assembly fit with no bumps, although that’s not the case.


This was the worst take away from the Apple event, even for the Apple fan, as company still retained the 16GB variant of its iPhone models. Last year company doubled up the storage in its mid and top tier iPhone to 64GB and 128GB. But the company didn’t part away with 16GB variant with 32GB model.

In that order, company ruffled some of the features on its devices by limiting the storage. Now technically you cannot make full usage of the 4K video on your 16GB model. All because users will get less than 10GB of storage on this model and 1 minute of 4K video adds up to 350MB. So, you do the math. And its iPhone, so no opportunity to expand storage.

If you’re not happy with what Apple announced this year and was disappointed. Well, there are still many other premium smartphones in the market that you could buy if you’re in a market hunting for a high-end device. We have listed five devices that can be good alternatives for you.


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