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Apple iPhone 6S: Should you Upgrade your SmartPhone Now?



Apple iPhone 6s

The Apple iPhone 6s has launched & it has come up with some of the few fantastic features that an Apple fan or user would love to use. But before you decide to upgrade to this one, let us discuss if it is worth upgrading, or it is better to continue with your current phone model. I will be suggesting this to you under two Important factors that depend on your current Phone.

iPhone 5s or Later: If you are using a phone which is either the iPhone 5s or any other recently launched devices like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus then you should not consider upgrading at the moment. The first reason is the hardware & the recent iPhone’s are good enough for another 2-3 years & they would be getting the latest iOS updates too. Another point to make a note is that the recent iPhones have a good camera & not the best as Apple has announced on the 6s but its good for sharing on the web. That said if you wish to print larger sized copies then you should undoubtedly plan to upgrade, but apart from that it makes no sense.

2015 Android Flagships: You do not need to upgrade to the iPhone, if you are using an Android Flagship device not necessarily from all the brands, but from some of the well-known ones like the Galaxy S6, Note 5, LG G4, Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe, OnePlus 2 etc..

  • First because most of these have the 2K display that is by far one of the best resolutions you would be getting on your smartphones. That’s amazing & no way comparable to the Apple display even though they boast of the best panels.
  • Next the recently launched Android devices have proved to be one of the best camera smartphones considering the experiences we have seen on our tests. You can check out the Camera Samples from the above mentioned flagships to know more on the same.

Apple iPhone 6s Package

Issues with the New iPhone 6s: Now lets talk about the major reasons why you shouldn’t be upgrading. The new phone is heavier & thicker than the earlier models, which is important to make a note of, if you have been dreaming buy one. Next is the smaller battery capacity which is of just 1715 mAh that is lower than its predecessor model. The device comes with a better camera, 4K Video recording & better hardware while the battery is going to be one of the major issues.

The latest models are released with 16GB variants as the minimum which is something you should be avoiding just in case you plan to buy one. The reason being that out of the box you get just around 12GB storage & which could get filled quickly depending on the content you create & apps you install.

Apple iPhone5 iPhone6 iPhone6s Compare

If you own an iPhone 5 or any earlier devices, or an Android phone which is pretty old, then you should take a look at these newly launched devices. The upgrade would only make sense in this case & you would have a great experience since it comes with a few amazing features. Overall these are our suggestions based on the features & the specs, while we can give you a actual review only once it is launched in India which is happening in the month of October 2015.


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