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46% of Indian Android Smartphones affected with GODLESS Android Malware



Malware can attack your Android devices in multiple ways and ruin your smartphone experience regardless of which one you own. Recently we covered an article, where we explained about the various malware that attacks your device most commonly and in what ways you can protect your device. Now, to our surprise, there’s more to it.

Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a family of new Android-based malware called Godless. Moreover, Trend Micro points out; that it has affected almost 90 percent of Android devices. This malware apparently targets devices running Android Lollipop or earlier. It was detected as ANDROIDOS_GODLESS.HRX. Godless Android malware can secretly root your phone and install the program.

trend micro data

Trend Micro Inc., is a global security software company, founded in Los Angeles, California with global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and regional offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The company develops security software for servers, cloud computing environments, consumers, and small, medium and enterprise businesses.

Yes, it is indeed surprising to hear that, almost 90% of Android devices run on affected versions. Based on the data gathered from their Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service, malicious apps related to this threat can be found in prominent app stores, including Google Play, and has affected over 850,000 devices worldwide.

Godless hides inside an app and uses exploits to try to root the OS on your phone. This basically creates admin access to a device, allowing unauthorized apps to be installed. It contains various exploits to ensure it can root a device, and it can even install spyware. It can also install backdoors and “spy on users,” the researchers say.

Trend Micro has also found various apps in Google Play that contain the malicious code. Researchers say that there is a lot of clean apps on Google Play that has corresponding malicious versions. So basically they share the same certificate in the wild. They also mentioned that “The versions on Google Play do not have the malicious code. Thus, there is a potential risk that users with non-malicious apps will be upgraded to the malicious versions without them knowing about apps’ new malicious behavior.”

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Adding on to it, Trend Micro added that, regardless if it’s a utility tool or a popular game, users should always review the developer while downloading the apps. Unknown developers with very little or no background information may be the source of these malicious apps. And hence as we mentioned previously as well, always download apps from trusted stores like Google Play store or Amazon App store. If you want added security, then you can also download secure mobile security software for your device.


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