Exclusive: #AndroidN Easter Egg is a Multi Player Hidden Game – VIDEO

by Vishal Toshiwal 0

So we have got the surprise Android N Developer Preview. The day first started with the announcement of the factory images availability of the new mobile operating system version. We have seen a bunch of new little tweaks that one can play with. Meanwhile, the company finally released a Beta Program for users who are seeking to try out.

But one thing that we didn’t saw was the Android N Easter Egg.

Surprise! We have finally found it. Well, it’s not a hint of the name, but rather the game. And it’s quite similar to the game that can be found on the Android Marshmallow. The Android N has a marshmallow-themed easter egg. What does that say about the name of the upcoming version? Well, to be honest, nothing concrete yet. Some might address this as that Android N wouldn’t take a major leap in number. Meaning, it might sport 6.1, rather sporting a 7.0 version number.

For now, you should enjoy this multiplayer game. Yes, the new flappy bird based Android game is multiplayer; unlike what was found in the Android, Marshmallow Beta version was playable by one player at a time. This is an interesting approach, as it makes sense to play multiplayer while you’re playing it on a tablet. Those who have latest Android M version, they can relate to it easily.

How to initiate this game? You can activate this multiplayer game by gesture drawing N over the letter N when you’re in Android N screen. Above you see some screenshots of the procedure, or watch the video to see it in action.

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