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Google launches Android Tips Section sharing 48 useful Tricks for Android Users



Android Ecosystem is not necessarily difficult to understand or adapt. Any new users using it for the first time can get used to in no time. From the moment you fire up your device for the first time to you actually start using it with your primary SIM card in it, everything is explained properly within the UI while using the device for this first. Well, for any reason, if you didn’t read them properly or if you are not able to get the most out of your device, then don’t worry. Google’s new initiative is here to help you with this exact same issue.

Yes, Google launched a new website or rather a minisite as you might call it since it contains only the tips and tricks on all the basic and most essential functionalities of Android Operating System. So essentially this site contains around 48 tips and tricks to be exact as of now, and we hope more might be added in the future. All these tips and tricks are nicely laid out as different tabs, and you click the ones you want to read and it will pop-up and give you a brief idea on to use that particular feature.
These tips and tricks are listed in the following few categories as of now and these might be updated with a few more in the future –

  • Privacy & Security
  • Voice
  • Camera & Photo
  • Battery
  • Customization
  • More Apps
  • Settings

There is no search box on the site so you might want just to scavenge through the list and find the ones you are looking for or just read all of them if you want. This is a good move by the company as many new users might find it very useful. So now, if you are coming from an iOS ecosystem or any other operating system for that matter, this page might be the best bet for you to understand the operating system and get used to it.

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Regardless of which Android powered smartphone you own, the features will definitely be present in that device since it is based on Android after all. So if you know someone who is new to this ecosystem and wants to learn a thing or two, then share this article with them. Stay tuned for more information like this in the future.


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