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Why Apple has Removed the 3.5mm Audio Port & switched to Wireless Earpods



Now that the new iPhones are officially launched, and we have all the official details about the devices. So let’s analyse some of them and try to draw some conclusions. Well, when you talk about these new devices, the first thing that comes to your mind is the fact that the new iPhones don’t have a headphone jack. Yes, we have been hearing this rumour for a long time now, and we do realise that it is a bold step. Initially, there were a lot of speculation surrounding this, and many were against it. But hey, ultimately it’s the company’s decision, and we cannot argue over any of that.

Although we as consumers think that it is a stupid move by the company by removing the headphone jack, but when you see things from the company’s standpoint, you will realise how difficult it is to take such decisions. So if Apple has decided to do so, then definitely there is a huge reason for the same. We all know how much Apple loves symmetry and clean design. They previously launched the Macbook Retina, which only had one USB Type-C port on the side. It received so much criticism initially, but gradually, everyone got used to it and are using it happily. And what Apple got out of it? Well, first of all, the device as a whole looks a lot cleaner and secondly, now people buy the accessories from the Apple store to connect 0ther devices. So it’s a win-win for the company on both sides. Isn’t that enough reason for the company to decide to skip the headphone jack? Why not.

Apple EarPods

Without the headphone jack now the new iPhones looks a lot cleaner. If you take a look at the bottom of the device, now all we have are the speaker grills and the lightning connector. No more asymmetric headphone jack here time. And to be honest, it looks very clean and many would like it, that is if you ignore all the difficulties of using a connector and what not. So if this is what the company wanted to achieve i.e. to make the design much cleaner, then yes, they have achieved what they set out to do.

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According to the company, there are three reasons as to why they removed the headphone jack. Firstly they wanted to take the advantage of the lightning connectors which can be way better that  the 3.5mm jack. It opens up more opportunities for better playback as well. Secondly, they mentioned that they wanted to take the advantage of the more space that will be available by removing the 3.5mm jack. And finally, they mentioned that they wanted to move on with the technology and grow further. They want to go all wireless, which they belive is the true future. Well, at least that’s what the company thinks.

So now it leaves the users with what other alternative options are available. If you are planning to purchase any of these new iPhones, then make sure to purchase a connector if you want to use the existing earphones/headphones. Or else you also purchase the third party headphones/earphones that come with these lightning connectors. You can check out our list of recommended options that goes well with the iOS ecosystem. Alternatively, you can use a pair of wireless earphones/headphones as well. If you are in the market for one, then check out the list of recommended pair of wireless headphones/earphones and decide which one works well for you.

Let us know what do you think about the new iPhones dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack. Drop your opinions in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more coverage of the new iPhones.


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