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Samsung’s vertical wireless charger could charge Smartphone & Smartwatch simultaneously



Our smartphones and other smart accessories are getting smarter and powerful day by day, and so is the need to keep them charged. Most of the smartphones in the market last for only about a day or at the most a day and a half. This is even worse in the case of accessories like the smart watch for instance. So you need to be on top of your charging game and make sure your devices have enough to make it through the day.

Here comes the need for smart charging solutions. The more number of devices you have, the more chargers you have to carry around. But this can be put to an end if the devices you are using have wireless charging capabilities. When we talk about wireless charging, the only brand which comes to our mind is Samsung. All their flagships have wireless charging support. And according to a new patent from the company, it looks like they are coming up with a charging station with which you can charge up to 2 devices at a given time.

Wireless charging patent

Yes, the new patent shows a new potential design for wireless ports. It looks like they have designed this keep a smartphone user owning a smart watch as well. The concept looks fresh and has a tall design; wherein you can charge a smartwatch as well as a smartphone together. This new concept will ditch the current flat round shaped charging deck. There are in fact three new designs here that are shown. All of them closely resemble each other and offers the same functionality of charging multiple devices at a time. Rumor has it that the next year’s Apple iPhone 8 will also sport wireless charging capability.

The new designs appear to be using two transmission resonators which can simultaneously generate both a vertical and a horizontal magnetic field. What it means is, users can place the devices anywhere on the station, and it can be charged accordingly. However, these are just patents, and it might take a long time for the company actually to manufacture them for consumer usage. Stay tuned for more information on this.


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