Reliance Jio Gigafiber (1 Gbps Speeds) FTTH to come with Free 100 Mbps Connection for 3 Months

by PhoneRadar Bureau 24

Reliance Jio is literally everywhere as the youngest telecom company tries to disrupt the competitive Telecom industry in India. The company has already announced the availability of its Jio 4G SIM availability across nationwide starting today.

There are some reports coming in stating that it’s FTTH High-Speed Broadband is already available in certain specific parts of the country. The most concrete proof that can be seen in such reports is the tweet from a supposed Jio Broadband user, named Arjun Hemrajani.

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In his tweet, Arjun has shared what appears to be the Jio branded router for high-speed internet. According to the tweet, it is believed that company is providing 100 Mbps free connection for three months. You can also see the speed test results, which showcase the download as well as upload speed of more than 90 Mbps. Further in a recent tweet from him, you can see a download speed of 743.28 Mbps.

He clearly states and it is also believed to be true that FTTH 1 Gbps connection from Jio is active now. In just a day’s time, the Jio Broadband subscriber states that he has exhasuted 80GB data. Though, it isn’t clear what would be the data cap of this Fiber connection to home, or it would be truly unlimited. It is also revealed that pinged Pune Server and the subscriber said to be residing in Navi Mumbai.

BSNL New Broadband Plan of Unlimited Data Plan at Rs 249 translates to Rs 1 per GB

Talking about the price point, it is widely reported that Jio Broadband would offer plans starting at just Rs 500 with the lowest connection speed of 100 Mbps. On top of that, it is believed that FTTH connections would also have some kind of promotional offer just like Welcome Offer for Jio 4G SIM Cards, which is now available starting today.

Earlier, the Chairman & Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani at their Annual General Meeting announced that FTTH services from Jio would be available first in few select cities and later expand to top 100 cities. Does your region have Jio Broadband service active already? Comment in the below section and let us know.

  • Kanwarpreet Singh

    I don’t even know where and who to ask for Jio Broadband in my city?

  • No clue! Not possible here in 2016, that’s all I can say regarding its availability!

    Reliance should provide this service to remote area if its actually supports Digital India initiative!

    Top 100 cities already have good broadband options. But in rural areas there is no option to opt any!! 🙁

    • View From The Top

      LOL! It’s a business, bro. Rural Bharat mein tere sivaye koi keemti internet kharidega nahi. He’s here to make money, as are Mittal (Airtel), Birla (Idea), Tata (Docomo, Indicom, VSNL) and everybody else.

      So he’ll only sell his GigaFiber service in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, etc where people have money and also know the value of a fast and reliable internet connection. Meanwhile, he’ll keep using Modi in his ads to get people to sign up for his service.

      • Haha, be optimistic!
        1 year back there was no 3G service here, now we are using 4G!
        It might take few years, but will happen!
        You have no idea, mere siva aur bahut hain Jo kharidenge, bas service available hona chahiye..:-)

  • chiragkapuriya

    Jio is actually tuff competitor to existing ISP. People will opt for 4G compared to traditional wired internet. Also its vheaper then that!

  • jishnu vu

    jio will change the future of Internet 🙂

  • The Avenger

    Websites should stop writing about pipe dreams and foolishly misguiding readers. Probably 99% of India has never seen 100Mbps speed in their life and they don’t even need it. There is no reason why the lowest plan of JIO Broadband shouldn’t be 2Mbps unlimited (which would be a decent step up from current providers in terms of no FUP limit). They are here to make money, not dole out charity.

    • kiran goud

      That doesn’t mean they do not need !! Internet should at least be 10 Mbps the lowest speed.You need it to stream TV content at HD to your Tvs. You are a kind of people who pries other countries when they do it and criticizes when we do it. shame on you

      • The Avenger

        Then you need to pay them on par (or even more since infrastructure costs more to import here) with what the developed countries are paying. Shame on you for not taking a positive criticism well. People like you are the bane of India. Always WANT things for cheap without paying for it.

        • View From The Top

          Kinda’ difficult to take people seriously if they feel the need to upvote their own comments. LMFAO!

    • View From The Top

      “Don’t need it” is subjective and often comes back to bite where it hurts. I remember in late 2013, Samsung launched the Galaxy Star 2G handset, and somebody told me off for saying 2G is way past its sell by date. We “don’t need” 3G, he said. Oh well!

      Same thing last year. I asked somebody not to buy a phone without 4G and his reply was, “bhai, yehan pe 3G thik se laagu nahin hua and you’re talking about 4G! Stop selling pipe dreams. Jab ayega tab dekha jayega“! Guess how he’s feeling today with no access to Jio.

      This time next year, Nextflix is going to be mainstream, Amazon is planning an Indian foray and other online streaming services may also enter India, so limited 2Mbps broadband will just not cut it anymore. Netflix recommends at least 25Mbps for its 4K service and while most of us don’t have 4K TVs now, who is to say prices won’t come down in the future?

      • The Avenger

        There is a difference between ‘NEED’ and ‘WANT’. I’m talking about our fellow Indians mentality of wanting everything for free and then misusing that. Even I got 4G phone early last year knowing full well what it offered and how pathetic incumbent operators speeds and quotas were. Doesn’t mean I NEEDED it. Anything which comes in excess will be harmful.

  • View From The Top

    Tired of FUPs (F**** U Policies) with ridiculously low limits.How about the following plans nationwide, Mukeshbhai and Nitaben? (Will never happen though)

    1. Rs. 499 (plus taxes) – 10Mbps True Unlimited.
    2. Rs. 749 (plus taxes) – 100Mbps True Unlimited.
    3. Rs. 999 (plus taxes) – 1Gbps True Unlimited.

    Only then will regular middle and lower-middle class people in the country be able to experience broadband at its fullest potential.

    Edit: A Rs. 249 (1Mbps unlimited?) plan may also help a lot of people in low-income areas, but it’s unlikely that anybody will make any money off of that, so probably is too much to ask.

    • Tomb Raider

      Are you crazy? ₹999 for 1Gbps unlimited? Thoda companies ke baare me bhi soch lo.

      • View From The Top

        They’ll still be making huge profits from these plans. Most private operators like ACT, YOU, WE, Spectranet etc. are already offering unlimited 100Mbps at 2.2K – 3K even with little to no competition. And these are tiny companies with no money power!

        WE is the cheapest. In Mumbai, they offer 100Mbps true unlimited for just Rs. 2,222 plus taxes and 50Mbps true unlimited at Rs. 1,111. They also have a 10Mbps true unlimited plan for just Rs. 500+taxes, but you have to pay the entire year’s rental at one go (Rs. 6,000 for 12-months).

        None of these companies have any capacity of their own, so they buy bandwidth in bulk from Tata (VSNL). Reliance already have their own undersea cables for years so that’s already depreciated. Now with increased competition, Reliance,with all its money and muscle, should definitely be able to price their plans better, don’t you think?

        • Tomb Raider

          May be. But I highly doubt 999 for 1Gbps, 100Mbps can be a possibility. Even in the later case it will be a data revolution for India.

          • View From The Top

            A revolution is exactly what they’ve tried to usher in with Jio, so I’m hoping (against hope) that they’ll do the same with GigaFiber.

    • Mritunjay Musale

      it will be 3000 -1gpbs which could be around google fibre range ,and iam ready to share that plan with my neighbor that way I get the same speed for lesser price granted that he will be using some of that B/W as well

      • View From The Top

        Google Fiber charges $70 plus taxes for the 1Gbps connection, so that’s in excess of Rs. 5K. They also have another plan – Rs. 20,000 one-time payment gives you lifetime (minimum 7-yrs) unlimited at 5Mbps. So that comes to < Rs. 3K per year (< Rs. 250 per month).

        Now, comparing US and Indian telecom prices don't make sense. There, you pay $60 (Rs, 4,000) per month for 5-10GB 4G data with any of the 4 major carriers. MVNOs are cheaper, but their services are pretty awful kinda' like the Aircels and Docomos of America.

    • InnocenceSuffers

      dont think this would be possible. company would be selling broadband LOWER than it can recoup in international bandwidth etc.
      but i agree current limits are ridiculous.
      Minimum FUP should be 100GB ideally 250 GB

    • CS Siddharth Sharma

      349 with 1 Mbps (true unlimited) is available in mumbai and pune with Joister Connect Broadband.

    • YoloQueue

      How about free 69 MBPS fully unlimited ?
      You are literally the greediest customer Ive ever seen..
      999- 10 MBPS true UL is a fair plan and that should me implemented all India..

      • View From The Top

        And you are “literally” the most ignorant asshole I’ve ever seen. Small companies like WE Broadband in Mumbai are already selling 10Mbps true unlimited (No FUP) at Rs. 500 and 50Mbps true unlimited at Rs. 1,100. So why shouldn’t Reliance, with all its money and muscle, be able to at least match them?

        Learn how companies price their products. ‘Optimum Pricing’ is what’s at play here, rather than cost of bandwidth acquisition. Everybody wants to price their plans at Rs. 500-2500 (before taxes). So anybody who has 2Mbps capacity (local cable companies) will charge 1500+ for 2Mbps connections. Others who’ve invested in infrastructure will charge similar amounts for 50-100Mbps.

        Google Fiber in the U.S. charges less than Rs. 250 for 5Mbps fully unlimited, even though their cost of operation is a lot higher (employee payments etc.). So Indian companies charging 1,000 for 10Mbps is not nearly good enough.

        I’m not being ‘greedy’, I’m being prudent and knowledgeable. You, on the other hand, are being naive and ignorant. Which is OK if you’re teenager (sounds like you are), but terrible if you are a grown-up.

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