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Good News for Asians, Google adds a new 26 Tbps undersea cable for Faster Connectivity



Google, the search giant, see more online footfall from Asia every day than any other continents and thus to tackle the everyday challenge the Mountain View company has invested in an Undersea cable which is said to provide 25 terabits per second connectivity.

Earlier in June, the six-member FASTER Consortium started beaming light through the FASTER cable, which is said to be the world’s fastest finer optic undersea cable till date. Previously there was a connection between the United States and Japan only. Now it has been extended to the trans-pacific link to the rest of Asia.

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The benefits include faster loading of Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, or any BigQuery search results. The company has invested in a cable that links FASTER in Japan on to Taiwan. Additionally, the company note that in Taiwan they have the largest data center in Asia that provides quick access to their tools and services to millions of users across the region.

Google FASTER - Selfies

Are you wondering how fast are the 26 terabits per second could even mean? Well, Google has explained it perfectly, “Every 15 seconds, every person in Taiwan could send a selfie of themselves to a friend in Japan.” It accounts for 138 Billion selfies a day. That is a huge number.

The undersea cable is now live, and you should notice a change in speed soon. This new cable would be quite helpful in loading Google products and services faster than ever across the region. Moreover, expect the improvement in reliability and consistency with much speedier experience than before.

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Do make a note that cable was strategically built outside of tsunami zones, which will help in preventing network outages during related natural disasters.


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