Micromax Canvas A1 Hands-on and Initial Impressions

by Chetan Bhawani 10

Micromax Canvas A1

One of the well known contenders in the initial series of Android One phones, is Micromax. The smartphone from this company is named Canvas A1, and this was supposedly going to be the most selling Android One phones among the three launched, because Micromax has got a better brand value, at least with the companies compared – Spice, Karbonn. The numbers too spoke well, as Amazon.in (the online store where the Canvas A1 was selling) reported out-of-stock on the first day itself. But is the device really that good? Let’s check out the initial impressions.

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Google has executed the plan well, at least with the design and UI. The design and feel of the Micromax Canvas A1 is no different from that of the Spice Dream Uno, as the phone similarly has got the curved sides, a plastic smooth back cover and the dimensions also are quite similar. To take it further in the physical aspect, the placement of buttons and ports is also similar, and one would feel Google has done good justice by giving the same design for both the devices.

Micromax Canvas A1 Hands-on

On the front, above the display there is the earpiece in the circular grill and beside to it, is the front camera. Above the earpiece, you would notice the sensors. On the back, Micromax’s A1 has a large circular hump that stands out from the remaining back area, with the brushed metal texture and that is where the camera and LED flash are located. At least here, this smartphone looks better than the Spice counterpart.

After trying out the several smartphones from Micromax, this one gives a different feel while even touching on the screen as the response is better than the previous budget devices from the same companies, as those devices failed to give a good touchscreen response. The UI in the Canvas A1 is based on the stock ROM running the latest Android OS, i.e. Android 4.4.4 KitKat, and it is the smooth and simple interface you are presented with.

Just like the thoughts were about the Spice’s Android One phone, there is nothing exceptional in the Micromax Canvas A1 but at the same time, nothing really to complain about. This device too has the extra space wasted below the display, and the front touch buttons are a part of the display.

These Android phones could be called a win-win situation for both, Google and consumer. Google gains from it because of the OS and its own apps, and those apps are the ones that the user would mostly use (Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube to be precise) and even if that wouldn’t have come pre-installed, the user would have downloaded them from the Play Store. The extra apps in this device are the Amazon store app, AskMe, Hike and M! Live apps.

But as was the case with the Dream Uno, I wasn’t able to capture pictures right away, because the camera app prompted to insert an MicroSD card.

For the initial impressions, no different thoughts from what I had about the Spice Dream Uno. The design is pretty neat and comfortable to hold, and the Android OS is clean and clutter-free. But did Micromax do anything from its own side to claim a tag of “better one” among the three Android One devices? we will find out in the coming days.

Chetan Bhawani

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  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    Too greedy for this my vrother

  • pritesh palan

    Android One is great initiative by Google, it delivers pure & stock Google experience to users. What i feel about “Better One” tagline used by Micromax, It is more popular brand in India compare to other 2 Android One Partners, and this is the reason it was Sold Out on first day itself on Amazon.in (don’t know how many devices sold on first day).

    I am NOT Fan of any of these 3 companies, but i liked the Android One Initiative.

    • Joshua Akinsola

      agreed. All three phones were not near the best and didnt have the backings of a strong company, so the window of success wasnt there. What was their however was android one. I am very entuhsiastic with its rise as it has mad partnerships with acer asus alcatel karbonn spice mediatek micromaxx panasonic xolo spice lenovo qualcomm intex airtel lava and htc. Overall it is a very good software experience but it should make the jump to higher end phones

  • The Android One initiative by Google is good and I wish that the smartphones had been priced lower to compete with the Redmi 1S.

  • samir naik

    karbon sparkle V is the best option

  • samir naik

    price should be lesser than MOTO E

  • Barbe Blanche

    Android One is good

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    all android one phones are good compared to other alternatives.

  • Android One is the best choice for mid range budget..

  • Shanky Yadav Jungly

    I got this from Amazon and moto e from flipkart after reading review on this Indian review page