Google Assistant to make its way to Android TV & Android Wear 2.0

by Karthik Iyer 6

Google first announced the Google Assistant at Google I/O last year, and since then the virtual assistant has gotten way better over time. Now the Google Assistant who is available exclusively on the Pixel smartphones and via Allo app for other who care will soon make its way to other platforms as well. Yes, the same has been confirmed by Google at CES. Well, if you own any other product that runs on Android, expect it to start talking to you very soon. While the exact date of the update is not disclosed yet, it looks like it will happen quite soon.

Google confirmed that the Assistant would make it’s way to other platforms as well and the first one to get the Assistant will be Android TV. The company confirmed that the feature would be pushed as an update on the supported TVs and set-top boxes that are powered by Android. Well, now you would be wondering what would be the point of having it on your TVs, well, there are positives to it. With the Google Assistant integration, users will now be able to voice their commands to the TV. This will save you from typing or browse through all the available shows or movies.

100 Things You Can Ask the new Google Assistant (Allo) App

At the time of the launch, few commands will be readily available like Play content, discover content, get answers to the general question, etc. In theory, the experience is going to be very similar, and you would feel the same as you would be using your smartphone to do so. And not just that, if you are a Nvidia Shield user, then you have a great news as well since Google announced that the Assistant would make it’s way to Nvidia Shield as well along with the Android TVs in the United States running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, including Sharp Aquos, Sony Bravia, Xiaomi Mi Box, AirTV Player, and more.

And not just the TVs will benefit from this. The search engine giant also confirmed that the virtual Assistant will make its way to other platforms as well like Android Wear 2.0 and Android-powered in-car infotainment systems. Yes, you read that right. Google is trying to implement the Assistant to pretty much everything that they have in order to allow users to take advantage of everything that they have. Google also confirmed that a lot of other devices will also be able to make use of the Google Assistant and it will be delivered via the Embedded Google Assistant SDK. With that said, if you own an Android TVs, then expect to receive the update in near future as you will be the first one to get the goodness of the virtual Assistant. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for detailed info on the same.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Please make videos for Android TV and Android Wear when you get the updates.

  • Krunal G

    Great news..

  • Vishal Giri

    that will be one cool feature to see on TVs!!!

  • Jack Smith

    We had the Echo since it was launched and now also have a couple of the Google Homes with the Assistant.

    Basically the Echo you use commands where you talk to the Google Home naturally. The Echo will handle some fuzziness but fundamentally they are variations to commands instead of fundamentally understanding what you are saying.

    Love the Echo but the Google Home is in a totally different category. Last night wanted to listen to a song and I all I had was “hey google, play madonna song from penn movie” Live to Tell starts playing. You just can not do similar with the Echo. Amazon did add a command that is “alexa play that song that goes X. But rarely used it as one you had to say the command correctly but more I do not remember how “Live to Tell” goes. Just remember it was used in a move and Madonna sang it and Penn (did not remember his first name) was in the movie it was from.

    In the end I said it once and my song started playing. Did not look up a command or how to say or anything first.

    BTW, Google Home does have me shortening my english more and more. So for the song I would now say “madonna penn movie song”. I believe because of the Google inference ability more and more we will use condensed English as the rest of the words are NOT necessary to get across the message.

  • Sagar VK18

    In android Tv thats great! Hope it will happen soon!!!

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