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Best Fitness Band Below Rs 5000 Available in India



The day is not far when we will see India become the fastest selling market for all kinds of wearables, from fitness bands to smartwatches. Catering the needs ranging from affordable fitness bands to expensive smartwatches, Indian wearable market is on its way to become one of the largest selling markets. Now if you’re thinking to jump into this bandwagon too, then we have a list of fitness bands that are priced below Rs 5000 in India. And they are currently available in the country.

If you’re not familiar with what a fitness band can do, then, we will briefly introduce you to the world of fitness tracking. A fitness band/tracker monitors your daily activities like how many steps you taken, distance travelled and most of them these days even allows the sleep monitoring that too automatically. Whereas you’ll also see some proprietary apps for these fitness trackers offering smart coaching, it definitely offers a smarter way to understand the stats and training according to it.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band

This is probably the most affordable fitness band you’ll see in the market right now; the Xiaomi Mi Band offers all the usual features of a fitness tracker built in a small module, which sits inside the strap. It isn’t as stylish the likes of Jawbone, Garmin and Fitbit bands, but offers quite the functionality packed inside that tiny module. Tracking steps, calories burned and distance travelled, it is an all in one wearable that offers such functionalities at a price point of juts Rs 799, which was originally launched at Rs 999. There is also a Mi Band Pulse, which comes with a heart rate sensor, but unfortunately it’s not yet available in the country, only limited to China. The most important thing about this handset is the battery life on this fitness tracker since it doesn’t have a display, the battery life on this thing last for about 30 days. A comfortable, light weight design, automatic sleep monitoring, and a feature to unlock the phone when fitness band is nearby your paired smartphone, these are some of the interesting features packed inside the Mi Band.

Price: Rs 799
Buy:, Flipkart

GOQii Band

GOQii Band

When GOQii Band was first announced in 2014, we were quite excited to see this fitness band compete with the likes of Garmin, FitBit and Jawbone bands. As it was the one and only fitness band that offered the smart coaching, where you interact with a real coach (not a bot) via the proprietary app. But there were certain things that weren’t quite appealing about this fitness band; it had an uncomfortable design, which you cannot wear throughout the day. And the other thing was that there is no automatic sleep monitoring option, you have to manual switch the active to sleep mode, then again switch tap to switch back to active mode, which was really annoying as we had mentioned in our review. But if you’re seeking a fitness band that offers more than just numbers of your health data, then this band is still the best you’ll see in the market right now under Rs 5000 range.

Price: Rs 2,399
Buy: Amazon

Honor Band Z1

Honor Band Z1

There are hardly any fitness bands in an affordable price point that comes with a display, as opposed to non-display fitness trackers, display enabled trackers would consume more battery, thus, would yield less battery life. But according to the company, the battery life on their fitness band is comparatively higher than any other bands with the display, all thanks to the OLED display technology, which is said to be quite efficient than any other technology. Moreover, company clams that to get it through the day; you just need to charge the band for 10 minutes. The Honor Band Z1 is more than just a fitness tracker in looks, as it offers a touch enabled display, which displays time as well. Giving a look of a minimalistic smartwatch, this fitness band can do real time tracking of your steps, as well as display calories burned. Can be paired with iOS and Android devices, it has a Bluetooth 4.1 version support, which offers fast wireless connection up to 10m distance. Meanwhile, it also records the sleep, thus revealing you the sleep behaviors. Note that the Z1 band has an IP68 rating which means it is a water resistant up to 1.5metre and dust resistant as well.

Price: Rs 4,499
Buy: Flipkart

Misfit Flash

MisFit Flash

With a setup of 12 LED lights to show you how active you have been throughout the day, this fitness band takes design to next level. A very sporty and colorful design, it’s been made quite comfortable so that you can keep it ON for the whole day. It measures daily activity like steps were taken, total distance travelled; calories burned as well as monitor sleep too. It can track the difference between various activities, walking, running, swimming, cycling, playing basketball and more. You can press the button to see time as well as to see the progress of the goals you have set. The most interesting thing about this fitness tracker is that you don’t have to worry about charging it, as the cell battery lasts for about six months, which will need replacement as they are non-rechargeable. As we have mentioned that it can track swimming activities, which means the tracker is water resistant, it is rated 3ATM, meaning it can handle a couple of swimming sessions ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.

Price: Rs 2,495
Buy: Amazon

Jawbone UP Move

Jawbone UP Move

Jawbone, a company which basically pivoted from manufacturing wireless speakers to wearable products, has a great offering in the price range. Their UP Move is a fitness tracker that comes with strap and clasp; you can choose to use it with clip or put it inside the band and strap it to your non-active hand. It will track your steps, exercise, and how much calories you have burned while doing these activities. The fantastic thing about this tracker is the proprietary app, which presents metrics in very interesting manner that’ll make sense to you. It also tracks sleep so you can understand the sleep patterns, like how much sound sleep did you get. On the basis of your goals and data inputs like weight, height, the Smart Coach feature on the app will suggest you some tasks to reach the goals faster. You can log your food and water intake, which will help app examine and make more sense of the daily activity data monitored by the UP Move.

Price: Rs 4,999
Buy: Amazon

The above list includes fitness bands priced below Rs 5000, after quite an extensive research we have listed the top 5 best fitness trackers. The wearables market is seeing number of launches every month, although, it’s unlike the pace we see on the smartphones, which is quite higher. But we are hoping it would increase in the coming months. If you have any query regarding the fitness bands listed above, shoot in the comments section below and we will reply as soon as possible.

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