Apple WWDC 2015 on June 8th to 12th with iOS9 Announcement

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WWDC15 Event

Apple has announced the dates for WWDC 2015 event, the one event per year where the company does major announcements majorly on the software side. This year, the World Wide Developers Conference from Apple is going to be held from June 8th to 12th.

The next iOS version, i.e. iOS 9 will be announced at the WWDC 2015 event at San Francisco, California. But this time, this isn’t only about the iOS 9 announcement but also about a new OS X version. There are rumors that a new music streaming service is going to be announced by Apple. This is an event that takes place every year, having majorly all the developers who make apps for iOS (for iPhone, iPod and iPad), as well as for the Mac OS X.

Interested to attend the WWDC event? There is a way you can register for the WWDC15 event and apply for the tickets (link), and if you are lucky enough in the random selection, you will get the ticket. If not, a fee of $1599 has to be paid for a ticket to enter the conference, which will have over 100 technical sessions hosted by Apple engineers, more than 100 hands-on labs, lunchtime sessions, and more. The developers aged between 13 to 17 will have to get their applications submitted by a parent or guardian, an eligible member.

A few select sessions will be streamed online for the viewers, and the keynote for iOS 9 announcement will be streamed as well. We might be able to witness the announcement of OS X 10.11 version for Mac.

What else is rumored?

  • First is the music streaming service – A revamped music stream is expected to be announced at the WWDC 2015 event, and that probably is a rebranded Beats Music steram service. The pricing is expected to be between $7.99 and $9.99, though we are talking too early about it.
  • Apple TV Set-top-box could be seeing a successor with better features and upgrades, including support for Siri and App store for app downloads.

We will surely get to know more details in the coming days, as always, before the actual event starts off. Stay tuned.

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  • diveek

    I Never like IPhones and IOS but hope its get the Competition even hotter and puts pressure on Android

  • More IOS news. It would be great if I followed Apple tech but I don’t and I know that casual users like my sisters will get the phone and get out . but for the true Apple loving community, it would be cool to get free tickets!