These 14 Lumia Smart Phones will not Get the Windows 10 Mobile Update

by Teja Chedalla 5

The latest Windows 10 Mobile update for the earlier launched Microsoft Lumia devices has been delayed for quite a some time. But from today, the company has started rolling out the official Windows 10 Mobile update for almost all the Windows 8.1 running Lumia devices with at last 1GB of RAM. While few others devices have received the Windows 10 Mobile preview, they have still left out the official update and can’t be updated any further. The company has explained that these devices aren’t capable of offering bets Window 10 experience.

Almost all the Lumia devices launched in 2015 will be receiving the Windows 10 updates. However the company also mentioned that the BLU Win HD W510U, BLU Win HD LTE X150Q, and MCJ Madosma Q501 devices are also eligible for the Windows 10 Mobile update. From the PhoneFinder page, we have figured out the Lumia devices with less than 512MB and few other devices that are almost couple of years old which aren’t eligible for the official Windows 10 Mobile update.

Below are 20 Lumia devices that are launched under Nokia and Microsoft which cannot be updated to Windows 10 Mobile OS.

  1. Lumia 520 – 512MB RAM
  2. Lumia 525 – 1GB RAM
  3. Lumia 530 – 512MB RAM
  4. Lumia 620 – 512MB RAM
  5. Lumia 625 – 512MB RAM
  6. Lumia 630 – 512MB RAM
  7. Lumia 635 – 512MB RAM (LTE variant gets Win 10 Update)
  8. Lumia 720 – 512MB RAM
  9. Lumia 820 – 1GB RAM
  10. Lumia 920 – 1GB RAM
  11. Lumia 925 – 1GB RAM
  12. Lumia 928 – 1GB RAM
  13. Lumia 1020 – 2GB RAM
  14. Lumia 1320 – 1GB RAM

While few of the devices from the above list have received the Windows 10 Mobile preview, the company has scrapped the plans to updated them to the final Windows 10 Mobile OS. You can check the Windows 10 Mobile OS eligibility for your device by downloading the ‘Upgrade Advisor’ app from the Windows Store. If your Lumia device isn’t eligible for the update and missing from the above list, then comment down with our device name below the article.

The latest Windows 10 Mobile brings the Voice based Virtual Assistant Cortana and also the Continuum but this feature requires high-end specifications to provide hassle free experience. We also expect an increase in the number of apps in the Windows Store since one universal app can work on all the Windows 10 devices with different form factors like Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. It has the latest Microsoft Edge browser that comes built-in with Windows 10 OS.

You can also find changes in the user interface when compared to the Live Tiles on Windows 8.1. Apart from the Lumia, there are few Windows 8.1 based smartphones launched in India like Canvas Win W121, Canvas Win W092, & Xolo Win Q900S. All these three devices come with 1GB of RAM and are powered by Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor. There is information about the Windows 10 Mobile Update for these devices. Stay tuned for more details!

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  • lolzz i have lumia 520, 530 and 720 and i am using windows 10 from the last 5-6 months i guess

    • The official update?

    • Ganesh Kumar

      pls share that information how to install windows 10 for my lumia 520

    • Umeshkrishna U.

      Dude…. Any idea how to update Lumia 525 to Windows 10….. I see many running W10 on youtube but no positive info on how to do that.

  • shiva

    hi I am using the Lumia 625 512MB RAM and updated to Windows 10 OS and also received two subsequent updates. only the problem is it is little slower than the Windows 8.1, and hanging once/twice in a week. apart from these issues everything is fine. also Cortan is not responding properly.