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Top 6 Major OnePlus X Problems & How To Fix them



OnePlus X is a budget friendly Smartphone which has gained lots of fans due to its high specifications and performance within a low price. After the release of OnePlus One and OnePlus 2, this particular smarphone also gained the popularity before it’s release. But, there seem to be a problem with this smart phone in certain areas like camera, app permissions, LTE connectivity, SD card etc. Many of the OnePlus X users have reported that they are being worried about these issues and so we are here to discus and resolve some of the issues which are causing troubles.

Before proceeding, please do check the software version on your smart phone and make sure that it should be Oxygen OS 2.2.0. Most of the issues will occur due to non-update of the OS, so at first make sure that you have latest Oxygen OS update and if not, update it. If you are facing issues even after the OS update then do check the below problems and solutions.

OnePlus X phone

MicroSD Card

Problem – Many of the OnePlus X users reported that their smart phone is unable to recognize the MicrsoSD card. Yeah, it seems to be a problem as if the device can’t detect the SD card, then the users won’t be able to read the contents from the card.

Solution – The best way to solve this issue is by formatting. Format your SD Card and re-insert it into the phone. The formatting procedure is very simple and is given below.

  • Insert the SD card into the card reader and connect it to the PC.
  • SD card will be detected and it will be shown under removable devices section in the PC.
  • Right-click on the SD card, and click on ‘format’.
  • Now, select the NTFS file system and click on ‘Start’ to initiate the formatting process.

Once the process is done, remove the SD card from the card reader and re-insert it into the smart phone and now the problem will be solved.

LTE Connectivity

Problem – OnePlus X US users might be facing the LTE connectivity issue for LTE bands 12 and 17. These bands cover best in rural and urban areas of the US but the OnePlus X users who are based on these bands will be having connectivity issues.

Solution – As this it seems to be a hardware issue, so there is no0 good solution for this and the only solution is looking for alternate connectivity life WiFi.

Vibration during Phone Call

Problem – It seems like most of the OnePlus X smart phones are vibrating during the phone calls and it is very annoying for its users.

Solution – To resolve this issue, first of all check whether the device has latest software update. If the vibration issue is still ON after the software update, then simply turn off the double-tap to wake feature under gesture settings.

OnePlus X device

App Permission Issue

Problem – Few of the OnePlus X users are facing the issue with app permissions for few apps like Poweramp, Spotify, Whatsapp etc. This can be considered as the app permission issue and it can be resolved easily.     

Solution – Simply go in the app manager in your device and open the app which is making an issue. You can see ‘Clear Cache’ option in that, just tap on it. Now restart your phone and it will resolve the app permission issue.

Camera Issue

Problem – The main concern for the OnePlus X users is camera. Most of the users reported that, they are unable to focus the object using the OnePlus X camera. Another issue is with the blur and flash.

Solution – OnePlus X has released an OS update to resolve the focus issue on camera, but for few users it doesn’t work. So, first, update the OS to latest and try the camera. With the latest update, the blur issue also seems to get to an end. For enabling flash, make sure to disable HDR, Clear Image and beauty options as it flash doesn’t work in these options. Even then if you facing issue with the camera then use Google camera app and it resolves the problem.

one plus x

Battery Draining issue

Problem – Most of the OnePlus X smart phone users reported that their device batteries are discharging very faster than normal.

Solution – Make sure to update the device to the latest OS and check the battery. If the problem continues, then use manual tips for saving battery life like disabling WiFi when not in use, manual adjust the brightness, etc.

There are some other minor issues reported to have in OnePlus X smart phone like USSD code not showing, menu screen not appearing (enable Google search bar at home screen to fix this issue) and heating issue, which can be resolved with the latest OS update.

If you are having any trouble with OnePlus X other than the above mentiond issues, then feel free to comment below and we will try to fix your issue.

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