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New York & New Jersey MTA urges Passengers to Power off Note 7 on buses & in stations



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions and the whole recall situation is on the news everywhere. The smartphone is definitely the most talked about device now. It is literally everywhere. Earlier we saw how some Airlines were advising passengers not to use the device and now adding on to that list, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is now asking customers to power down the phablet before walking into a subway car.

From now on, passengers entering the MTA stations have to refrain from turning on their Galaxy Note 7 phablet. The reason for the same is due to concerns that the device’s battery can ignite. Also, as we have seen that most the explosions were experienced during charging the phablet, passengers with these handsets are also not being allowed to take advantage of the built-in charging ports that are available on these MTA buses. We also know that the MTA already have a rule which doesn’t allow people carrying hazardous/flammable materials on board a bus/train.

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So technically the Note 7 phablet is now being treated as a hazardous/flammable material. The same was confirmed by the MTA on their twitter handle where they clearly mentioned that customers should turn off their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before entering the station or boarding a bus. So now people who are using the device have one more reason to return their existing handsets and get it replaced. It is not confirmed that for how long this rule will stay active but we are guessing that once all the 2.5 million units are replaced and when we get an official confirmation from the company, only then things will get back to normal.

So until then even if you somehow manage to replace it, you still won’t be able to use it until it is confirmed by Samsung. Well, after all of this mess, most of the people are getting sceptical about the idea of buying a Galaxy Note 7 now. We hope this doesn’t affect the company’s reputation and leaves a stain as they have other smartphones as well lined -up for next year. Meanwhile, we just have to wait and see how this goes in future.


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