Few U.S. Airlines Prohibiting use of any Samsung phones within flight post Note 7 Recall

by Karthik Iyer 1

Samsung is having a hard time already with all the Note 7 recall issues. On the other hand, we are still hearing a lot of explosions of the phablet, with the most recent one being yesterday’s incident of a 6-year old boy. We already have some of the Airlines across the world, asking users not to use this smartphone in-flight. But now, it is reported that few of the U.S airlines are now prohibiting the use of any Samsung handset in-flight.

Yes, flight attendants of these airlines are asking the passengers to turn off all the Samsung handsets while the plane in the air. One of the flight attendants said, ‘It is hard to tell at a glance if a phone is a Note 7 or not. But we can tell if something’s a Samsung from the aisle.’ However, at this point, it is hard to predict if the in-flight ban of Samsung handset is limited to certain aircraft or all the airlines. It is also reported that it could be just a result of some misguided flight crew.

But does makes a lot of sense in a way as it would be a lot of work to the flight crew to visit each passenger and check which smartphone is he/she using. So giving a general instruction is way easier. Samsung says that the overheating of the battery occurs inside the battery and that’s what is causing the explosions. The company also reported that this is a rare manufacturing error. Samsung has already asked Galaxy Note 7 owners to turn off the device and return it back to the place where it was purchased.

And once the replacement units arrive, owners can get their replaced units with a white circle with a blue ‘S’ inside it, on the box. So in short, people who bought the Galaxy Note 7 are having a hard time with all these issues. If you are don’t what is going on here, then check out our infographics on the Galaxy Note 7 timeline to know more. Stay tuned for more details on this.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Scr-U-gle

    Looking at some of the comments from Samboom users, I’d say they need to send kill codes to all note 7s now, cnet have polled users and they are adamant that they are going to keep using them and a good chunk refuse to return them.

    They are too stupid to realise that they are making Explode-Gate worse for Samboom