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Xiaomi Mi MIX Smartphone’s first flash sale got over in just 10 seconds



Xiaomi announced the new Mi MIX smartphone, which is believed to be the phone from the future. Yes, not over exaggerating, but they truly are amazing with that bezel-less display on the front. If you haven’t seen one in any video yet, then you should totally check it out. And also don’t forget that this phone from the future is actually going to be available to the users to purchase and use a daily driver, well at least in China. If you are in any other country outside China, then you have to import one until they decide to launch it anywhere outside.

With that being said, even not many people living in China were able to get their hands on one, so you are not alone. Remember, when the company said they are going to be making a very limited number of them? Yes, that’s true. In fact, the first flash sale got over within 10 seconds. Yes, the full screened concept phone which has a screen-to-body-ratio of 91.3-percent was sold out in 10 seconds which is a record time according to the company. And technically which makes it the fastest selling phone manufactured by Xiaomi.

This was definitely not a surprise as even the Mi Note 2 smartphone which went on sale before the Mi MIX, were all gone in 50 seconds. It looks like Xiaomi is setting benchmarks here. It has been reported that both the versions of the Mi MIX smartphone i.e. the standard edition with 4GB of RAM & 128GB of internal storage as well as the Exclusive Edition, with 6GB of RAM and 256GB of native storage were sold out. The standard version was priced at the equivalent of $517.63 whereas the latter was priced at the equivalent of $591.59.

In case you forgot what is so special about this smartphone, well as mentioned above, it comes with a bezel-less display on the front and looks absolutely stunning. It will put all the beautiful smartphones out there to shame. But hey, all this beauty comes with a price. No bezels mean no protection and if you don’t have steady hands, then you probably should not be investing in one. It didn’t take much time for our variant to break and now the display looks just about as ugly since it is broken. Check the video below –

Well, that was the end of the first flash sale of this Mi MIX smartphone. If you are wondering if there will be a second flash sale, then the answer for that is yes. It has already been announced and the second flash sale is on November 8th. Yes, that’s coming very very soon in just about four days of time. And now that you know when it is, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, get ready and grab your device. Also, do make a note that you make the best out of this next flash sale, since after this one, we don’t expect them to have these flash sales so frequently.


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