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Xiaomi Mi Beard Trimmer Launched – Our First Impressions



Well, who doesn’t like a well-groomed beard? Most of them do and if you are not sure to trim it or style it, you just need to try it. Most people like to have a clean face or some like to have a bit of facial hair but going to a salon every time and spending lots of time is not necessary. It is better to spend a bit of money on a grooming tool that would give you easy access to a clear face or that styled beard. To make it easier for you, Xiaomi has launched a new Mi Beard Trimmer and makes its entry into the personal grooming category that comes with 40 length settings with a precision of 0.5mm.

Well, this Mi Beard Trimmer is IPX7 certified, making it fully washable unlike many other trimmers in the market. Furthermore, the Mi Beard Trimmer remains usable even after submersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This makes it easier for the users to wash the trimmer under the tap directly without having to think about water damage. The Self-sharpening blades used with the trimmer is made from stainless steel making it washable without the worry of getting rust on them.


The all-new Mi Beard Trimmer comes with a powerful battery which will provide 90 minutes of run time on a full charge. The device take about 2 hours to get fully charged and if you are not using the trimmer from a long time make sure you are fully charging it once every six months at least. There are battery level indicators on the device which will be indicating the battery level while it’s getting charged or used.

Just under the power button which is placed in the middle of the front side, we can find three LED lights that are named as LED 1, LED 2, and LED 3. While using the trimmer, if the LED 1 is blinking and the other two are off, it means the battery on the trimmer is less than 10 percent. If LED 1 is On and the other two are off, then the battery percentage is in between 11 to 30 percent. The LED 1 and LED 2 are on and the LED os Off, it means the battery on it is in between 31 to 59 percent and if all the LED lights are glowing it indicates the battery on the trimmer is more than 60 percent.

These LED lights indication is different while charging, as it indicated battery power less than 30 percent if LED 1 is blinking while the other two are off. But when LED 1 is On and the second LED is blinking with the third one being off, then its more than 30 percent and less than 60. If LED 1 and LED 2 are On and the third one is blinking it more than 60 percent and if all are On then its an indication of a full battery.

Since the trimmer is plug-and-play supported, you can quickly charge it for 5 minutes to get sufficient power for one trimming session, so that you do not have to wait the entire 2 hours to get it charged. Furthermore, the device will be in cuts-off voltage mode when the battery voltage is less than 3 V. There is also a power cord in the box to charge the trimmer when required and the charging slot can be found on the side facing the bottom. It also makes it easier to carry along while on a tour to easily have a good beard trim.

Length settings

Everyone has their style, some like a clear beard and some like to have stubble. There are different length setting on this new trimmer from Xiaomi and it comes with two different timing combs with one offering 0.5-10 mm length setting while the other comb will offer 10.5 to 20 mm setting. The user can add whichever comb they want to and then using the knob placed on the front side, you can set the length accordingly to shape that beard.

This gives the users an option of 40 different length settings with 0.5mm precision. These interchangeable combs do not have any indication on the lengths but you can easily understand which is going to offer bigger length option based on the size of them. You need to use the larger comb to handle long and thick beards while the smaller one can be used to trim the smaller beards.

How to use?

It is pretty easy to install this Mi Beard Trimmer when compared to many of the other trimmers in the market. For installing any of the combs, you just have to gently press the comb into the slot provided on the top, near the head of the trimmer and you should be feeling the click when the comb sets into its place. At times removing that comb could be tricky, but it can be easily done by setting the comb to the highest position and then wiggle it out of its position gently to ensure you do not cause any damage to the comb.

There is also a blade on the trimmer which is not necessary to be removed regularly, but if you wish to remove it and clean then hold the trimmer upright with the teeth of it facing toward you and flip the head in the upward direction and the blade will come out easily. To put back the blade after cleaning it, you just have to make sure the clips of the blade are in sync with the slots on the trimmer and press it down gently. And your trimmer is ready to be used again.

Safety while traveling with a Travel lock

This new Beard Trimmer comes with a travel lock which is a handy feature to stop your trimmer to accidentally turn on while it is placed in your bag pack.

To turn on the travel lock, you just need to press and hold the On/Off button for three seconds when the trimmer if odd until the indicator light blinks three times. This ensures that the device is travel locked and prevents those accidental Turing on even when the power button is pressed. This feature can also be used as a child lock to prevent the children in the house to turn it on. To turn off the travel lock, the same has to be done again, just press the power button for 3 seconds until the three lights start blinking and you are ready to use the trimmer again.

Maintenance and Precautions

For better and optimal use of the trimmer, you need to make sure that your grooming kit is neat. For this, the user needs to make sure the trimmer is cleaned after every use either with the cleaning brush that is included with the box or with water since the device is IPX7 rated.

Make sure that the trimmer is turned off when cleaning underwater or the brush and it should also not be in charge. After cleaning the trimmer along with the blades and the head with water make sure they are dried well immediately for increasing the life of the components. It is also suggested to add some lubrication oil after a wash to make sure the trimmer works smoothly.

The charging pins of the trimmers are always dry before connecting the charging cable and it is suggested not to wrap the cable to prevent damage of it. If the trimmer is not working properly you can also call the customer care who can help you on the same.

What’s in the box?

In the box, we can find the trimmer along with a comb attached and there is also the second comb inside the box. There is a pouch to carry the trimmer around and we can find a USB charging cable along with a cleaning brush.

The Mi Trimmer beard has been launched for Rs. 1199 in India and will be going on pre-order from 25th of June via and will be available for sale from 27th of June form Mi Home and Amazon India.


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