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Xiaomi Mi 5 Passes Stress Test, while S7 Edge Blasts & Bleeds under the Hydraulic Press



When Xiaomi revealed its latest flagship device, the Mi 5 in late February we were all excited to see what this Chinese startup has got in store for us. The device was showcased in Barcelona and China on the same day, now with three different variants, the top model got us all excited about the 4GB RAM and 128GB internal support, but little did we know that what difference did the Ceramic back would make until this official video from posted on the MIUI forum showed up.

In the video, you will see why the company chooses to put a ceramic material to use. Now some of you may be associating the ceramic with those fragile dinner plates. The use of ceramic has already raised the question for some devices like OnePlus X, whether how strong it can be. That’s when Xiaomi decided to put its latest flagship on a stress test, which said the device has been put through a lot of abuse, which one would do to their handset, but by addressing this company has cleared that Mi 5 Pro is not one to break and can be brought to any of your wildlife adventures.

But on the other hand, Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S7 Edge, which we have been using for the past two weeks. And you can see in our review that how slippery and fragile the back panel on this handset is, we have been hearing complaints about the rear glass breaking even fall from a short height. While talking about the second video, which is embedded in the article, you’ll see that Slickwraps did a hydraulic press test on the Galaxy S7 Edge. And the result was anything but in favor of the device. You see the Samsung flagship blasts and bleeds to death within seconds of putting the press on it.

So, if you get to choose between a Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge handset, purely based on the durability of the device, which would you, choose as your next smartphone? Shoot your answers in the comments below; we want to know your feedback.


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