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Paperless Passports Technology could use Smartphones as Digital Passports for Tourists



Advancement of technology always surprises the mankind by surpassing the hurdles. Until the invention of smartphone no one has ever imagined what it can do. At present, humans are able to do various activities by sitting at home and by tapping few clicks on their smartphones. Adding to this, Da Le Rue – a UK based World’s largest passport producer and British banknote printer has announced their future plans where your smartphone will become a paperless passport.

With this announcement, we are likely to see the end of physical passports usage very soon. Just like mobile boarding cards and airline tickets which can directly been used from smartphone, paperless passports may also use the same technology but with different aspects and security measures. The chief executive officer of the company, Martin Sutherland, stated that the project has already initiated and work is in progress.

It is said that, the paperless digital passport may need new hardware on the smartphone to ensure the secured storage of e-passport. With the new hardware, the chances of forgery, copying etc., will get eliminated. Right now, the company is looking forward in resolving the challenges that users could face in using the digital passports.

If this technology is implemented, then that could possible eliminate the use of physical passport and so there could be less chance of losing it. But, the company should ensure the users about complete security as passport is the most important document for foreign travelers. As of now, the project is in its early stage of development and so we need to wait further for its implementation.

Once testing is done, the company could get an idea about possible errors and so they can ensure its security by facing all other challenges. Officials of all the countries should accept this proposal and there are much more things should be considered before approving the use of paperless passports worldwide. So, once this technology comes into picture, then there is no need to carry physical passports as your new Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S plus or any other smartphone could act as a paperless passport.


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