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Xiaomi Is Selling Mi 5 With May 2016 As Manufacturing Date, Is this Time Travel?



Time Travel has always been a nerd’s fantasy, and who doesn’t love Back to the Future movies. But scientifically, which is yet to be proved possible by expert scientists has been made possible. In a very unique way, Xiaomi has made Time Travel possible, as apparently they are selling their latest Xiaomi Mi 5 with a manufacturing date and year of future.

Looks-like the brand took tagline, “Devices from Future” to a whole new level. The popular Chinese brand is bringing back their Mi 5 device from May 2016 and selling it in April 2016. As of now, the month May hasn’t started, and you can see the retail unit of the latest flagship device sporting May as the Manufacturing month.

It came into highlight when an excited customer purchased Mi 5 in a Flash Sale and got the delivery of the handset. The customer took this unbelievable truth to his Facebook account, where Xiaomi has become the center of attention for all jokes regarding the time travel. Well, you do such things and expect smart users not to notice and get away with it. No, that’s not possible you guys.

Pic Credit: Jay Kapoor on Facebook

This is not the first time we have hearing future manufactured products being sold in India. Recently, Patanjali, a popular ayurvedic brand has been seen selling their products with manufacturing date as 20th October 2016, which is far ridiculous. Well, isn’t that some time travelling Baba Ramdev did for his new product!

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What do brands have to gain by doing such activity? The only explanation is that marking the future manufacturing dates makes it easier for companies to keep their products age young. Now a food items manufacturer putting up future date is understandable, which is a criminal offence, as the food products have expiry dates. But a mobile manufacturer doing such activities doesn’t makes sense at all.


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