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Xiaomi Accused again for Copying, this Time by Jawbone for Product Design



The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has been accused of copying a design for its product yet again. This time, it’s coming from Jawbone. Yes, Jawbone’s chief creative officer Yves Behar tweeted out to Xiaomi for ‘ripping off’ the Jawbone Mini Jambox. This is obviously a response to the Xiaomi’s design of the Bluetooth speakers. Well, they look strikingly similar to one another.

These are Xiaomi’s Mi Square Box Bluetooth speakers. And if both of the compared side by side, then it is not going to be difficult to spot the similarities. Both of them looks very similar in terms of design and other aesthetics. They both have the same grill pattern also and of course, they both are Bluetooth speakers only. The grill pattern was one of the differentiating factors of the Jawbone speaker when it came out.

And now that Xiaomi has launched this speaker which looks very similar, Jawbone has lost that edge with the design. We can’t blame Xaiomi also here. Definitely, the company is not going to accept that they copied the design, despite all the ranting. And certainly, this is also not the first time Xiaomi has been accused of something like this. Previously, the company was also under the limelight for a similar news, where John Ive from Apple, used words like ‘Lazy’ and ‘Theft’ to describe when he was asked about the Xiaomi’s design efforts. It was that time when the company launched the Mi4i, which again resembled the design of an iPhone.

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And also don’t forget about the Mi Notebook Air, which the company just launched recently. That one also has design resemblance with the MacBook Air lineup of notebooks from Apple. Is this a coincidence or a properly planned copying attempt to offer a similar product in the market. Well, only Xiaomi has answers for all these questions. So pretty much nobody else knows what Xiaomi’s plans are. Let’s what the company is going to come up with next time. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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