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Windows 10 Mobile Smartphones with less than 2GB RAM will not support Facebook & Messenger Apps



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We are living in a time where smartphones are ever evolving. Every other day, we see some or the other new smartphone launching. Many of them are not the best ones, but still, it is good to see so many options available. And even apps for that matter are getting better and better. We have been seeing a lot more optimized apps lately that works great on both Android and iOS. Well, the Windows platform is not mentioned here, because there is a reason for it.

Well, we have some new reports according to which, apps like Facebook and Messenger will not work properly in devices running Windows 10 Mobile OS and have less than 2GB of RAM. So shocking right? Yes, and as a matter of fact, this is an official info as well. The new changes have been recently spotted on the apps’ pages in Windows Store for the same. And although developers haven’t officially announced anything on this, this can certainly be confirmed.


Now it brings us to another discussion, should users with a Windows 10 mobile device be bothered. Well, it again completely depends on which device you are using. If you are using one of the high-end devices like a Lumia 950 or something like that, then you don’t have to worry at all. But on the contrary, users with a low-end or even a mid-ranged smartphone will continue to experience some issues with either these apps, which is a shame.

Yes, it is definitely good to know that those users who are facing issues with these apps now have been given a reason for the same. But we expected the problem to be completely taken care of and not just come up with an explanation for the same. Just offering a valid explanation for the apps being unresponsive and slow at times is not what was expected from the developers. And as far as the reason for this is concerned, it appears that the problem is mainly in the code of these apps.

They seem to require more RAM than most of the windows phone apps usually need to function properly. Either way, we highly doubt the possibility of this problem being fixed anytime soon. And this pretty much brings us to the next discussion. With all these issues popping up like this, is it even a wise option to choose a Windows phone in 2016? Especially, when you compare them with some Android, even devices will 1GB of RAM seems to handle these apps like a champ on any given conditions.

Well, now this is something for you as users to decide. But if it wasn’t obvious already, we have a clear winner here. With that being said, let’s hope the problem gets fixed soon and we see some kind of a development soon. Meanwhile, let us know if you are using any Windows Phone and if yes, what are the main problems which you are facing and what are you doing to overcome them. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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