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WhatsApp gets New ‘Stickers’ Feature and Android users get Swipe to Reply Gesture



Update: WhatsApp has recently introduced new ‘Stickers’ feature on both iOS and Android platforms. However, Android users get another feature (technically a gesture) – swipe to reply which, the iOS users have had it for a while now. The new gesture has been rolled out to all the Android users globally. After installing the update, all you need to do is swipe or flick on a message that you have received to trigger a reply, which earlier was be done by holding the message in the chat and tapping the reply icon. The new gesture allows users to reply to a specific message in a conversation more instantly and intuitively.

Earlier: The cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp is known for introducing timely new features every year. After the launch of Payments feature this year, the Facebook-owned messaging app is all set to launch its new ‘Stickers’ feature this week.

There were several instances on the web earlier about this new feature of being available to users sometime soon. Adding to this, a new report from WABetainfo has confirmed that this new ‘Stickers’ feature will start rolling out to the users (both Android and iOS) this week, provided you are on the latest version of the instant messaging app.

As for the version is concerned – Android users need to be on the latest 2.18.329 of the WhatsApp version while the iOS users need to be on the 2.18.100 version of the same. This new ‘Stickers’ feature will most likely be available to all users starting this week.

Note: Android WhatsApp users can download the update directly available in the Play Store while the iOS users can re-install the app from the App Store since the activation is slow or can wait for a couple of days to notice this feature.

Once the update gets installed users can notice the new ‘sticker’ symbol beside the GIF button in Android. As for the iOS users, the new feature can be seen beside the camera icon in the messaging app. And also there are a bunch of new stickers available in the app where a user can download and use them in the chats. These stickers do look familiar on what we see on the Facebook Messenger app and other messaging platforms. The report also suggests that iPhones running iOS 7 and below will not receive feature.



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