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Google asks Android OEMs to Provide Security Patches for at least Two Years



At Google I/O held in May this year, the Mountain View tech giant had announced that it would partner with Android OEMs to roll out ‘regular’ security patches on their popular devices, which eventually helps in safeguarding the ecosystem and increase the use of devices along with the number of users. Although, it wasn’t clear when exactly this was going to roll out and which device OEMs were involved in this partnership program.

However, a new report from The Verge states that Android device OEMs should regularly install security updates for at least two years for their popular devices or tablets. The Google’s contract acquired by The Verge also states that Android device manufacturers must provide a minimum of ‘four security updates’ in a year of the device’s launch and also should be continued to the next consecutive year as well. This means, a minimum of one patch for every three months for the first year and an unspecified number of security patches for the next year.

However, there’s a catch here – the new guidelines are applicable for the devices launched after January 31st, 2018, and also have been activated by at least 1,00,000 users and above. The contract acquired also states that as of July 31, 2018, these patch requirements were applied to 75% of “security mandatory models” but starting January 31 next year, these rules are mandatory to all the models.

Furthermore, the OEMs are catered to patch the flaws raised by Google within the given time constraints. And also, by the end of each month, the devices under this program are subjected to be protected against all vulnerabilities discovered before 90 days. These conditions are so mandatory that if any Android OEM fails to deliver these patches regularly, Google can withhold the approval to the future devices from the respective manufacturer.

And lastly, these precise details and guidelines are available in Google’s updated licensing agreement for the European Union, which are most likely applicable to other regions on the planet as well. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more!



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