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Visionox’s Patent Reveals the Design of Xiaomi’s Foldable Smartphone



Xiaomi has already teased its foldable smartphone in a couple of videos. However, we don’t think the company will launch a double-folding smartphone. Even the design doesn’t make it seem practical to use. While Huawei and Samsung are making their foldable smartphones smaller when folded than then conventional smartphones, the Xiaomi double-folding design makes it foldable smartphone a bit wider.

The latest patent from Xiaomi’s foldable display supplier Visionox reveals a completely refreshed design. While the images from the patent make it look like a dual display smartphone, we don’t think there will be any gap between these displays. Just like the Huawei Mate X, it also folds to the outside. We can expect Xiaomi to be the first manufacturer to use the newly patented foldable display. We also see camera and earpiece on the top bezel of both the sides of the display.

Along with Xiaomi and Huawei, OPPO is yet another Chinese smartphone to tease the foldable display. While OPPO and Huawei have already confirmed to add 5G support for their foldable smartphones, we also expect Xiaomi to do the same. Another Chinese company called Royole is already selling its foldable smartphone called Royole Flexpai. Stay tuned on PhoneRadar to know about the upcoming foldable smartphones!



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