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Twist your Phone to Switch Camera feature Spotted on Google Camera v4.1 App



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The Google Camera App that went missing a while back was introduced back with the Android N along with some additional features. The latest version of Android i.e., the version N has been recently out of Beta, and we did try it out earlier on our Nexus 6P Smartphone that showed a lot of bugs. We are yet to see the stable version of the ROM, but that said the Google Camera App v4.1 that shipped with it comes with a few new UI tweaks, animations, and features.

The most interesting of all is the twist feature that was discovered by the AP team. If you have used the recent Motorola Smartphones you would have experienced this feature where you twist your wrist to start up the Camera Application. If you think this is gimmicky, you need to be reminded that let’s say you are driving, and you wish to capture a moment, this feature is entirely convenient. You don’t have to worry about unlocking the phone, nor tapping on the screen to find the camera shortcut and then run it. Just twisting the wrist would fire up the Camera application ready to capture that shot.

On the v4.1 app you will have to perform the same action, but here the gesture will switch the front and the rear camera which is also useful to quickly capture a selfie after capturing a photo. Do make a note that this is not as easy as you think because you will have to twist back on the same vertical axis and if you are capturing a photo with the rear camera in landscape mode; then it should be twisted on its horizontal axis. Once you get habituated this is going to be a very convenient feature, but that said if only Motorola could make their Camera Application available for other users it would have been on the top of the charts.

At this moment, if you wish to try these features you need a Smartphone that’s running on Android N along with the Google Camera APK that you can directly download and install onto your phone. The bigger question here is, would you take the pain of downloading this application, running it and twisting your hand just to capture a selfie, or just use the default Camera application on your phone?


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