Google Camera App goes Missing from Google Play Store – Download Apk

by Teja Chedalla 17

Note: Before reading this, we advise not to get panic since the app is missing from Play Store only in some regions. When we were in Spain for MWC and now in India, we can’t find the app in Play Store. In case, it is missing in your country comment that down in the comments sections.

In April 2014, Google has officially brought the Google Camera app for non-Nexus devices which was limited to just Nexus device till that date. It has been one of the best camera apps that is available for free on PlayStore and now the internet giant is thinking to limit it back to just Nexus devices that are running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later.

It has been my favorite camera app because of its simple UI that doesn’t confuse the user with a lot of options but indeed offers more productivity than most of the other popular apps. The Lens Blur options give Bokeh effect even with normal camera smartphones, and the PhotoSphere offers 360-degree photos. With the latest Nexus devices, the app can record slo-mo videos upto 240fps. The SmartBurst, which is limited to just Nexus 6P, can make the photos captured in Burst mode into a nice GIF.

The latest version 3.1.021 which was updated on November 17, 2015, is now available to install only on Nexus devices. The latest Google Camera app with the version 3.1.021 is unable to install on the non-Nexus devices and shows the error “.” Since the latest version is limited Nexus devices, the version 2.5.052 can be installed on most of the devices that include both Nexus and non-Nexus devices. google camera app error

Interestingly the changelog of the latest version clearly mentioned to support only Nexus 5, 6, 9, 5X, and 6P but the Nexus 5 is unable to install it. The app with the version 2.5052 can be installed on selected non-Nexus through PlayStore. According to Reddit, most of the users cannot find the Google Camera app in the Play Store, while for few users the direct link to the app is showing an error saying “Sorry! This content is not available in your country yet.”
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With the installations between 10-50 million, this can’t be limited to just Nexus devices, and so you can install the Google Camera app by clicking on the download button above.


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  • Wow. Thanks! =D

  • Olive_Oyl

    Not in Play Store in Thailand. 🙁

  • JR

    not in Malaysia 🙁

  • Thanks for the article and the APK, i installed it on my LG G4, now i can finally take a bloody photo sphere :), although it seems like the wider view of my G4 doesn’t agree with it perfectly, but i did take a photosphere of my room, which is quite small, i hear you get better results in more wide open spaces.
    P.S. the Google Camera app also isn’t available in Romania

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  • GabrielSC319

    I live in the Netherlands and have a Moto X Pure/Style. I never got the update with the new look for the Google Camera, and also, for around 2 months now, the app has been missing from the Play Store… The only apk that works is the one from below version 3. With 3 and above, it is unable to connect to the camera’. The Moto Camera works fine though. So, if anyone has a fix, please help me
    out. Thanks in advance.

  • Bharat Bang

    Missing in India

  • Waqar Qureshi

    Missing in Canada, even with a nexus 6p. perhaps it’s because Im running a custom ROM (PureNexus)

    • Salvadoran

      I’m in Canada too and I have a Lg G3 from koodo and the app is not available.

  • Missing in Egypt

  • terry

    U.s.a. it has been removed. I wanted to leave a review and it is gone. They can still post it on the play store and limit the devices available to download.

  • David Gabel

    WTF is this? I use this on various devices and now it’s gone. Seriously Google?

  • I don’t understand why Google comes up with such apps which are device specific, but not hardware specific. Even though a device spec is more powerful than its google Nexus series, why can’t users download that? What makes them make it unavailable to those users worldwide? I hope they’re listening and they should make it public to anyone who wants to experience rather being so monopoly. It’s like if I have a PlayStation Rom, I can’t use it on Xbox or vice versa. I understand business is one side of it, but why not make something universal, think of a USB port; even tough it’s not compartible 100%, it’s still usable.

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  • jaynard

    missing phillipines

  • Shripad Jr

    Yes it is missing. Please google bring it back. Please contact them. The camera is the best.

  • Zia Tabrez

    Missing in india also