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Truecaller Adds An Option To Initiate Google Duo Video Calls From Within The App



Truecaller is one of the most used application worldwide. Initially launched as a basic app to identify the unknown caller, has received tons of update over the course of the years and is now being used by millions of user across the globe. Speaking of updates and new features being added, the company has now announced the app’s integration with Google Duo. For those of you who don’t know what Google Duo is, it is Google’s video calling application which allows users to initiate and receive video calls.

In order for this to be able to work, the user needs to have both the apps installed, i.e. Truecaller as well as the Google Duo app. It is recommended that an updated version of both the app is installed so that there is no issue. Hence, the integration option is more like a shortcut to launch the app and make the call. The only interesting thing about it is that you don’t have to leave one app (Truecaller) to initiate the other (Google Duo). The video call can be initiated from your contact’s details page, chat menu or from the missed call notification.

It has been reported that the video calls will also be integrated with Truecaller logs. And finally, if you don’t care about the Google Duo app and you don’t want this feature at all, then you as an end user have an option to enable or disable it. Yes, the service is opt-in, so the end user will have the freedom to enable or disable it at will.

Also, Google’s Duo application is not all that popular in the first place. The company launched it along with the chat application Allo and although both of them were downloaded by many, it wasn’t well received in the market which is already cluttered with tons of messaging application and video chat applications. And now, this latest integration appears to be more of a way to push Google Duo. But hey, this is a new option and it is there for the users who still care about the app and want to use it efficiently. Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Be sure to let us know what do you think by leaving a comment down below.

Source – Truecaller


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