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Tricks to Unlock WhatsApp & Gallery Photos Hidden by App Lock – Bypass Passwords



With Apple being very aggressive in terms of security purpose, as they have refused several demands/request of FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to unlock an iPhone of the shooter in the San Bernardino case. The Cupertino giant is strict when it comes to its user’s privacy, which is quite commendable. We are not presenting any stand in this instance, but just want to show you how easy it is to get pass through some application based security that people these days are using a lot.

Some people just like to hide everything on their handsets for no reason and don’t want even their family members to see what they have been doing all day on their smartphones. For those concerned family members or parents, there is a way to quickly access the media gallery, or even see the WhatsApp messages of what activities they have been doing.

The smartphones in question here are Android devices, as we have tried this procedure on one, but not on iPhone. For instance, your friend has locked certain specific apps on his phone, such as Gallery, File Manager, and even WhatsApp. So, whenever he gives you his handset, he thinks you won’t be able to get into gallery knowing that it will be impossible to break that App Lock. We have given two different hacks below through, which you can break into any smartphone’s app lock functionality.

Note: Here we have used AppLock software provided by Do Mobile Labs on Google Play Store. These below steps show how easy it is to unlock, not this, but any App Lock service. These actions won’t be valid for App Lock service on a system level, i.e., If your device has fingerprint sensor and offers inbuilt service to lock apps using that sensor.

#1 Uninstall the Application

When you are handed the smartphone with AppLock functionality, just go to Settings app and try to find the app. What you have to do is, uninstall the app, which can be done from the App drawer only, or either application manager in the Settings app.

AppLock - Uninstall (4)

Though, it tends that Setting app would be locked, so it would be better to uninstall the app from App drawer. Once you have done that, every application would be available for access to you. Now you can open and see any application that was previously locked. Since the AppLock application is no more on that device, it won’t be able to secure any application with pattern or PIN lock you have set.

#2 Install a Third-Party Gallery App

This alternative is for the situation if you ever come across a device with system level app lock using fingerprint sensor. Though, with this, you would be only able to access gallery data. Other apps like WhatsApp won’t be openable if they have been secured using fingerprint sensor. Note that you would be able to access Settings app, but won’t be able to remove the fingerprints without even having a PIN. Installing a third-party Gallery apps like QuickPic, Gallery (Flayvr), Tidy,etc, is as far as you can go in terms of hacking your way into your friend’s device.

New Gallery App

See how easy it is to break into any Android smartphones these days when they use AppLock such as offered by Do Mobile labs. And that is just an example of one app, which has more than 100 million claimed downloads. If you take into consideration all the apps that offer such features, combined total might come up to 1 Billion downloads. Do you understand what that means? It says that up to 1 Billion Android users might be thinking that their handset is secure and can’t be accessed by their friend, family or even stranger. Isn’t that scary!


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