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Setting the Best WhatsApp Profile Picture – Download DP Images for Free



We are social animals, with this fast-paced digital age, we humans even managed to get busy in talking endlessly on phones or text. Though, the calling and texting has been replaced by the instant messaging services. One of the most popular applications offering this service is WhatsApp. Now have you ever wondered how the profile picture you’re setting on your account in the app is not coming out to be great, despite clicking it from a DSLR? Well, we had, a lot of times.

But we don’t anymore, as we follow a set of rules that makes it quite easier for us to correctly crop an image and never worry about the face being cropped out. You see, there are some resolution standard set by the company in their application. If you ever noticed, the Display Picture (DP) is showcased in a circular form. In the contacts and chats, you’ll only see it in circular shape. Once you tap on it when in an individual profile or a group page, then only you can see the whole DP.

Now imagine, if you took an awesome photograph during your trip in Europe last month and now you are looking to change your profile picture. You thought taking a picture with DSLR would make your display picture crispy. Well, not so fast there Mr. Photographer. Know this; whatever maybe the resolution of your original image, when you upload it as profile picture, the resolution goes down as well as its size. The struggle is that users don’t usually get the cropping right.

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We have some simple tips for you, first is you should try to upload a picture with one person inside, if it’s for your individual profile. Because when you upload a picture with more than one face, then it’s hard to crop out the image in such a way that both faces are coming in proper way. Though, it’s not unmanageable, but not recommended.

Next tip is that you should click a photo with you being in center, if you’re looking to see your face in center with a landscape in background. You can crop an image to centrally align your face in the Display Picture. Also, note that the approximate image resolution of every display picture should be somewhere around 500 x 375 pixel resolutions. With simple yet effective solutions your next display picture on WhatsApp contact should shiny like a diamond. Let those compliments flood gate open.

While if you’re looking for just any beautiful images to use then there are some websites that we have mentioned where you can download royalty free pictures for your WhatsApp account, now that we have taught you about the resolution and alignment required for Display Pictures. Some websites like PixelBay, Stock Vault and Flickr.

In related news, WhatsApp is all set to add the callback, voicemail and a zip file sharing feature in the coming weeks. We recommend that you only upload family friendly photos, as recently an Indian Newspaper journalist was arrested for posting an inflammatory message. One should be careful what they post these days as police in various states like Telangana, Karnataka, Bihar, etc.


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