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Top 5 Missing Features on Samsung Galaxy Note 5



Top 5 Missing Features on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung has launched the much-anticipated smartphone ‘Galaxy Note 5‘ with not much improvements over specifications, but you can find the design of the device to be more like a ‘Galaxy S’ series smartphone, than the ‘Galaxy Note’ series. You will not find the faux-leathered back cover on the latest Galaxy Note 5 note. Instead, it sports the Gorilla Glass 4 which the company first implemented on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

If you are a Galaxy Note 4 User, then you may find more downgrades than the actual upgrades on the Galaxy Note 5. Here we listed out the top 5 missing features on Galaxy Note 5.

No MicroSD card support

galaxy note 5

Until the Note 4, every device in the Galaxy Note series has the MicroSD card support. It is such a useful function since the apps only will take a lot of space on your internal storage. It’s predecessor Galaxy Note 4 came with a microSD slot with up to 64GB support. The Note 5 supports 4K recording, which might take at least 1GB of space for a few minutes for 4K recording.With a microSD card storage, you might have to limit your usage like only fewer 4K video recordings, not many number of downloaded movies.

Downgraded Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (4)

The battery on the Galaxy Note 5 is of 3,000mAh capacity while its predecessor sports a larger 3,220mAh battery. The company added the quick charging support, but it is not a good alternative for sporting a larger battery on this power hungry devices. That to the Note 5 has a non-removable battery that we can’t add the accessories like ‘Extra Battery Kit for Note 4’.

No IR Blaster

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (3)

This isn’t a concern for all the users but those controlled TVs and Air conditioners using their Note 4. They might feel this as a big loss considering its convenience while controlling them.

No MicroUSB 3.0

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (1)

The transferring data through microUSB 2.0 is not a big issue on mid-range devices, but it should not be the same case with flagship devices like Galaxy Note 5. As the latest devices come with 4K video recordings support that have the average file sizes of around 1GB. So transferring that 4K recordings through microUSB 2.0 will take a lot of time. The company might have included that the microUSB 3.0 which offers 80% more transfer speed than the microUSB 2.0.

Storage Limited to 64GB

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (1)

Though Samsung has removed the microSD card slot from the latest Galaxy Note 5, we all expected the company to launch a 128GB variant of the device. But unexpectedly the company has limited the storage on the latest Galaxy Note 5 only 64GB. The device listing on the AT&T official website showed the device with 128GB, the company later clarified that there is no 128GB variant of Note 5.

Let see what Samsung has improved with the Galaxy Note 5 by leaving the features mentioned above. The device will be available for sale starting on August 21 and for more details about the device head over to our detailed information article.


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