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5 Most Important Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - Top Features

Samsung fans must be in awe this year, as they’ve got to see two new flagship devices within the span of six months, as S6 and S6 Edge was launched during MWC Expo week in March. There has been a rumor going on for quite a time until the South Korean giant revealed its Note 5 and bigger sibling to S6 Edge, the S6 Edge+ about one month early than their usual second episode of Unpacked event at IFA.

Now the IFA is still more than 10 days away and company is already gearing up for the sale of its two new Galaxy devices, particularly the S6 Edge+, as it has been launched in many countries and up for sale as well. Stock availability in countries like Canada is in sometime this week while India and other countries would get it by next week. This all is before even IFA commences.

Heading over to the talk of the features on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, you can find we have listed five top features of the device below.

YouTube Live Streaming from Camera App

There is a craze of live streaming apps in the market right now, and Samsung thought it right to integrate a live YouTube streaming feature on the camera app of the device. It is very simple to stream using the camera app on S6 Edge+; you just have to open the camera app and tap on the right option, and you’ll be live streaming to your follower on YouTube.

The interesting fact is that you don’t have to sign up on some weird new apps and gain followers there if you don’t want to start from scratch. This app lets’s you do the same, and moreover you would be familiar with functionality if you have a YouTube channel. As well as your friends and followers won’t have to download other apps, they just can see your streaming on YouTube app.

New Edge Display Features

Samsung has been doing a lot of innovative thinking, and we have seen that take shape in its series of handsets over the past years. The interesting thing from the last year was the edge display, a curved screen introduced on the Note Edge, which has been further doubled on the S6 Edge introduced at MWC 2015. Now its bigger sibling has been introduced and it comes with some additional features like you can pin a particular app to the edge of the phone. And it is possible to jump back and forth between your favorite marked apps with just quick swipe and tap. Moreover, you can now launch the people edge from any screen, so that is something more useful now.

Faster Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - Wireless Charging

The faster charging is a key to whole battery management thing, as it is hard to rely on the battery life of the device these days. Though, the hassle of carrying a charger had been put to the rest when South Korean giant introduced the wireless charging support on its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets. Though, it is a fact that charging a device takes a lot of time when you’re doing it wirelessly. But with S6 Edge+, the company has stepped up its game by offering a faster wireless charging support, which promises to fully charge the device from zero to 100 within 120 minutes. That is quite faster for a 3000mAh battery to be charged via a Qi Wireless charger.

Samsung Pay – Wireless Payments

Samsung has finally integrated its wireless payment service, Samsung Pay. And S6 Edge+ is one of the first devices to use it. The service would be available initially in the United States and Korea, which would eventually roll out in other countries too. Allowing a secure and faster payment services, Samsung Pay is easy to operate as well.

You just have to walk up to a magnet strip scanner, and launch the dedicated app, which will then ask for your fingerprint for authentication. Moreover, you can even launch the app while the screen is off by swiping up from the bottom of the display.

Optional Keyboard Cover

Desiring the physical control buttons like the classic Blackberry phones now can be fulfilled even on a full touch display devices. With Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, the company offers an optional Keyboard cover that can be attached as an accessory to the display and used as a control pad. The accessory houses full QWERTY keys, as well as three Android buttons for Home, Back and Recent Apps menu. Since, the display is large on new S6 Edge+, there is a plenty of screen space available even after you attached this keypad. And you can simply slide off the accessory to bring back the full display functionality.

These were the important features on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ that defines the device. We would know more about the device once we get our hands-on with the device, and would post more interesting stuff about it.


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