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Top 5 Features of the Honor 5C Smartphone



Honor, the online smartphone brand recently introduced their latest mid-range handset, Honor 5C, that is one of the contenders in the smartphone market priced below Rs 15K. While many companies focus just on the specification, Honor has showcased over its small period existence in India that they care about the end-user experience than the specification war.

To highlight the importance of those features, today we are sharing the top five features of the device that makes it a standout in the crowded arena. Below you can see those five features briefly explained.

Build Quality

With an ergonomic design company has won over hearts of the smartphone consumers who are inclined to using mid-range segment handsets. The Honor 5C has an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy used for the construction. Moreover, its brushed metal effect makes sure that it doesn’t slip from your hand and yet offering a smooth look. The company claims its smartphone has diamond polish, which is the prime reason for its shiny nature. There is a scratch-resistant anodized coating on the device that prevents any kind of corrosion and wear and tear on its body. Overall, you won’t find such sturdy build quality in this range of handsets. It is a rare jewel.


Honor has been touting its in-house Kirin 650 chipset as the most advanced mid-range segment processor. According to the brand, it offers best in class performance and power efficiency. The main reason behind this is that Kirin 650 is manufactured with 16nm process FinFET Plus technology. Rather than using a 28nm process for building Octa-core processors that powers most of the mid-range handsets, Honor have used the TSMC’s 16nm process node to manufacture this new SoC. It is more focused on dividing the power as it uses big.LITTLE architecture, where four core are high power and remaining four are low powered. Thus, managing the performance, power efficiency and giving best of both worlds.

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Fingerprint Sensor

There are now a lot of handsets in the price range of the Honor 5C that offers the fingerprint sensor, unlike last years. But why we still think that Honor handset offers best-in-class biometric sensor integration is because of the security reason. While many brands have included these sensors without thinking about that it might be hacked at the software level, Honor has gone ahead and offered hardware level security. Now even if the phone is rooted, nobody can access the fingerprints from your device as it is encrypted with RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) technology. Moreover, the company claims that they use the Second generation Swedish-designed FPC fingerprint sensor, which is faster and unlocks the device in just 0.5 seconds.


One of the most important experiences that account is good end-user experience in the user interface. I would say that Honor 5C scores good points here as well. There are couples of things that we liked about the EMUI, which is the Emotion UI 4.1. The first being that it offers one of the cleanest interfaces out there in the Android skin world. While moving on to the fact that it is the first Android Marshmallow 6.0 based Honor handset sporting this interface out of the box. Some of the interesting features include in build facilities of creating scrolling screenshots, as well as screen recording. There are lots of Android skins out there, but the EMUI feels cleaner, intuitive and swifter when compared with other Android skins.


The Honor 5C boasts a 13-megapixel image sensor, which has an aperture number of f/2.0. This setup on rear module might feel nothing extraordinary. But let me tell you that it does. We have tested the camera on this handset rigorously, and it feels proud to say that 5C offers best-in-class camera setup not just on the rear but on the front as well. Talking about the selfie module, it has an 8-megapixel image sensor featuring wide-angle lens and lots of modes such as beauty to play around and experiment with captures. You can check out the camera samples on our detailed camera review of the device. Then, you’ll understand why we are happy with this camera setup.

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After reading the top five features of the device, you now know that why Honor 5C is what they say it is: Mid-range Disruptor.


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