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Top 5 Alcatel Idol 3 Smartphone Problems & How To Fix them



Alcatel is known to almost all the Android lovers as this manufacturer release a wide variety of smartphones at regular intervals. It equips latest features in their devices and ensures high-specifications at an affordable price. Now everyone is waiting for the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4 and Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S smartphones with huge expectations.

Many Android lovers bought Alcatel Idol 3 smartphone soon after its launch and are very happy with its 5.5-inch display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. But due to certain uses, the users seem to face few common issues on the phone, and we are here to fix those issues. We made few workouts on the phone and found easy solutions for all the issues. So, relax and sit back, and go through the below solutions to fix your issues.

1. Over-Heating Issue

Problem – Well, in every Android device, users have to face this issue, and there could be various reasons behind this. So, we found few precautionary measures which when followed will reduce the risk of over-heating of the device.

Solution – To avoid the issue of over-heating, first of all, remove all the battery-draining apps present in the device. Mostly bloatware causes this issue and so uninstall/disable the pre-installed apps. Also, remove the useless apps that are downloaded by you as they consume the space and have an indirect effect on the performance of the phone.

Next, remove the widgets and Live Wallpapers from the device. Widgets and live wallpapers will over-load the processor resulting in over-heating of the device. So, we advise you to remove all such things from the device to keep the device safer.

2. Lag in performance

Problem – Another common issue that is troubling Alcatel Idol 3 users is the lag in the device performance. The lag issue will arise due to many possibilities and so by taking few precautions we can fasten the phones performance by avoiding the lag.

Solution – To avoid the lag issue, first of all, make sure that your device is updated with the latest software as they can fix the minor issues in the phone. Next, enable the ‘Developer Options’ by tapping few times on ‘Build Number’ under ‘Settings>About Phone’. Now, open the developer options under settings and then find out animation scale options. Next, turn the animation setting off or reduce them to 0.5x to enable the faster performance.

Now, removed the cache stored in the apps by tapping on ‘Clear Cache’ button after opening each app from the app manager. Once you are done, the phone should be free from the lag issue. If not go for wipe cache partition. To do so, turn off the device and hold volume up and power button at the same time. Keep holding the volume up button until you see the menu. Now choose ‘English’ (use volume buttons for navigation and power button for confirming the selection). So, now select and confirm ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ and once the process is done go for ‘Reboot system now.’

By now, the problem should get resolved and if not perform the factory reset. The entire data gets erased from the device after performing the factory reset and so take a prior backup before proceeding. Once the backup is done, then turn off the device and enter into recovery mode as explained above. Now, select and confirm ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and ‘Yes – delete all user data.’ That’s all; now your phone will be new and should be free from the lag issue.

3. Poor battery life

Problem – It seems like battery life is also become a major concern for the Alcatel Idol 3 users as many reported that the device is draining faster. So, we made few workouts with the issue and found simple solutions to improve the battery life.

Solution – As explained in the solution 1, remove the bloatware, useless apps, widgets and live wallpapers from the phone as they consume more amount of the battery. While charging the device, make use of original battery chargers so as to experience the real-power of battery and avoid charging by connecting to PC or laptops.

Always make sure to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data and GPS options whenever not in use as they too eat away the battery. If the battery is draining rapidly even after you have taken all the precautions, then replace it with a new one.

4. Dialer Issue

Problem – Few users reported that they are facing an issue with the dialer of the phone. They stated that they are unable to use the dialer for the first time, and it is working only after re-dial. Well, with few workouts you can solve this issue.

Solution – Well, this issue has come to limelight in the devices which got updated to new software. Only a few users reported about this issue, and so it may be a problem with the software update which can be resolve by another update or by re-installing the same update properly.

Also, try to remove the app cache and perform wipe-cache partition as explained in the solution 2. If the problem persists, then perform the factory reset of the device as mentioned in the solution two as this should resolve the issue.

5. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection issue

Problem – Another problem that is seen in most Android devices is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issue. But with simple workouts, this can be resolved.

Solution – Always make sure that you are attempting to connect the proper Wi-Fi. Now, restart the device and re-connect to the network. If it fails, then restart the router and try, For Bluetooth error, try to remove all the existing paired devices from the phone and restart the device. Now start pairing the device and the issue will get resolved.

Note – Software updates contain fixes for minor bugs and enhancements to improve the device performance. So, always make sure to update your device to the official releases of software. If you didn’t receive any notification about the software update, then you have to check it manually by opening ‘Settings>About Phone.’ If available then download and install the same.

In case if you have any other issues with your Alcatel Idol 3 smartphone then feel free to write us down in the comments section below as we try to resolve those issues for you.

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