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Top 6 Sony Xperia Z2 Smartphone Problems & How To Fix them



Sony is known to be the best brand for various quality products. Whenever a particular handset is released from Sony, gadget lovers wish to grab them. It packs the devices by embedding latest technologies and features. When compared to other Android device manufacturers, Sony has a significant place. By launching latest devices with innovative features, it always stays in the news.

After the launch of Z series phones, Sony managed to get much more followers. Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2, and Xperia Z3 phones became most popular soon after the release. The users who bought 5.2-inch Sony Xperia Z2 smartphones seem to face certain issues with the device after using it for few months. By considering the user requests, we did few workouts with all those issues and able to find solutions for all of them.

1. Over-heating issue

Problem – Most of the users reported that the phone is getting over-heated suddenly whenever they try to perform certain tasks. Well, it depends up on the usage and anyhow we are going to share few precautions using which one can overcome the issue of over-heating.

Solution – Mostly, over-heating issue is observed while recording 4K video on their smartphone. But, fortunately, the manufacturer released a fix for this issue. So, update your device with the latest software by opening ‘Settings>About Phone>Software updates>system updates’.

If you are facing over-heating issue ever after the software update, then try to insert high capacity SD card so as to overcome the issue. But, if you are facing the over-heating issue even when you are not recording 4K video then there could be few reasons for this. So, first, in case, avoid using widgets and live wallpapers as they keep more pressure on the processor.

If everything fails then perform, factory reset on the phone. To do this, open ‘Settings>Backup & Reset>factory data reset>reset phone>erase everything’. By doing this, entire data will get erased from the phone and your phone should free from over-heating issue too.

2. Lag in the Performance

Problem – We categorize this issue as the most common issue among all the Android devices. There are several reasons for lagging issue and by taking few precautions the users can easily overcome the issue.

Solution – To avoid the lag issue you need to improve the performance. One way to do is by disabling any special effects or animations in the phone. Open ‘Settings>About Phone’ and tap few times on the ‘Build number’ option which enables the developer options. Now, you can find these options under settings. Open them and scroll down to find animation settings where by default, everything will be pointed to 1x. So, now turn them off or reduce the points to 0.5x so as to improve the performance of the device.

Next thing you need to perform is clear app cache and wipe cache partition. For clearing app cache, open each app from the app manager and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ button. For wipe cache partition, you need to press volume up and power button at the same time (while keeping phone ON). After few seconds, you will feel vibration for three times indicating that the process of wipe cache partition is completed. By now, the device should get free from lag issue. If not, perform factory reset of the phone as explained in the first solution.

3. Poor voice quality during calls

Problem – Few users reported that they are unable to hear the clear voice during calls. Well, if this is ignored than it can turn to be major issue. So, you need to fix it while you can.

Solution – As the first trail, open ‘Settings>Call Settings>Microphone noise suppression’ and make sure that the option is unchecked. Even now, the problem exists, then perform factory reset on the phone as explained in the solution 1.

4. Tap to wake option is not working

Problem – Well, Sony Xperia Z2 users were very happy about the tap to wake feature as it can decrease the use of pressing buttons every time. But, there seems to be a problem with this feature for some users as they reported that this feature is not waking the screen.

Solution –
Make sure that you have checked all the options correctly without any mistakes. Open ‘Settings>Display>Tap to wake up’ and enable the option. Now, tap two times on the screen and it should awake and if not try waking it up by keeping the phone on a level surface. If everything fails, then factory reset the phone as explained in solution 1 and get the issue resolved.

5. Dropped Calls/Proximity Sensor Issue

Problem – Most of the Xperia Z2 users reported that the calls are dropping randomly and sometimes even the display is off after the end of the call. Well, this can be due to the proximity sensor and so by performing certain tasks you can resolve this issue.

Solution – Well, first of all, try to replace the screen protector as this may be primary reason for obstructing the proximity sensor. Even then the problem persists, then disable the tap to wake up feature under ‘Settings>Display’. Also, check the proximity sensor under ‘Settings>About Phone>Diagnostics’ and choose test device and Ear proximity. If everything fails, then try to replace the handset with a new one.

6. Slow Charging and Battery Issue

Problem – Many users reported that the device charging very slowly and even after the full charge, the battery is draining faster than usual. Well, there are few precautions by which you can resolve this issue.

Solution – Always make sure to charge the device with original battery chargers and never attempt to charge the device by connecting it to PC or laptop. By using original batter chargers, the device should charge quickly, and it also ensures the long battery life.

Avoid using Live Wallpapers and Widgets on the phone as they drain the battery faster. Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data and GPS options whenever not in use. Also, remove the bloatware and unnecessary apps as they cause over-heating and battery draining issues. So, uninstall or disable them to get more battery life.

Note – Always update the device with the latest software that is released by the manufacturer. Open ‘Settings>About Phone>Software updates>system updates’ and if any update is available then download and install the same. This will fix any minor issues and helps in enhancing the device performance.

In case if you have any other troubles with the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone, then write us down in the comments section below as we try to resolve them for you.

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