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Tesco’s own Android Phone coming later this year: Details




The largest retail store in Britain has planned to make an Android phone, not through any of the manufacturers around, and this phone is expected to be out by the end of this year. Tesco is going to use the open-source Google Android OS to run the smartphone and as one of the spokesperson mentioned, the phone will have a bundle of pre-installed Tesco services for the users.

It shouldn’t be anything new if a retail store is looking to enter into the smartphone market, because there have been such things happening and Amazon has been making gadgets (not phones though, but the Amazon smartphone is near a reality now), thus Tesco is entering it at a pretty right time, but there would be a lot of factors deciding whether it should be able to make any good number of sales for it. Though, they already have a platform to sell this – their own stores.

Tesco had launched an Android tablet last year, the Tesco Hudl which fared quite good with the company managing to sell 500,000 units of it, and this is what might have motivated them to get into the smartphone making and selling. It’s going to be Android, so nothing new that we should be seeing but based on the sources, it is being said that Tesco is planning to make a phone which can compete the Samsung Galaxy S5, flagship device from Samsung for this year, for which there has to be some high-end inclusions needed and the pricing too should be a factor the new entrant has to look out for.

The interesting part would be the Tesco services which would come included – and this might include an app with coupons for the customers to get some deals at the store, barcode scanner for easier product comparison and purchasing but this is what we are expecting, and nothing has been detailed by Tesco for now. Tesco has a streaming service called Blinkbox, which could come as a part of the services too.

While in the UK, Amazon would be the first retailer to sell a smartphone, when it soon launches its first smartphone, the case would hold the same with Tesco in UK, where it becomes the first retailer to launch a smartphone. Based on the success of the Hudl tablet last year, Tesco is also planning to launch the next version of the tablet device in the mid-range pricing in the second half of the year.

Although the UK retailer is planning to get into the smartphone market, the sales and profits of the retail stores show some decline, as the firm’s chief executive Philip Clarke reported a second year of falling profits, following which the store had to offer millions of pounds of price cuts for the products in the store, to win back the shoppers in UK.

The Hudl tablet was rated as the best in “The One Show” when it was put in competition against Argos Mytablet, Kindle HD, Lenovo and Nook tablet devices, and the Hudl with a price tag of £119 was said to offer more than other tablet devices in the similar price range.


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