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Tech Giants Like Samsung, Intel, etc. Back A New Wireless Data Transfer Technology Called ‘Kiss’



We have been seeing a lot of innovative products in the market lately as we progress in the field of technology. Every day, we come across a lot of new products and services on the market that are either get a lot of attention or they just get put down depending on how good it is. On the same lines, we now have something new in the market called Kiss.

Don’t judge it by the name as Kiss is a new wireless data transfer technology which is being developed by a company called Keyssa. Yes, we say being developed because it is still in development. The idea behind Kiss is very simple. It will essentially help to transfer the data, wirelessly between two devices. Well, that doesn’t sound like it is something new right? But here’s how it differs from the traditional wireless transfer methods like Bluetooth, AirDrop, etc.

The main difference here is the speed at which the data is being transferred. As you can probably see from the video embedded above, this technology is capable of transferring the files at extremely fast speeds. It is so fast that you can either transfer HD files within seconds or even live stream between two devices and all this is being done without the need for any cables.

Major key players in the tech industry like Samsung, Intel, Foxconn, etc. have invested in this company and the technology which is being developed here. And not just that, in fact, a prominent figure in the industry like former Apple engineer and founder of Nest, Tony Fadell have also backed this. The goal, however, seems to be very straightforward, which is simply eliminating the need for any cables for the transmission of data across the devices.

Now, talking about how the smartphones and other devices could benefit from this, well, it could essentially act as one of the main modes of data transmission on your device, which will get the job done merely in a matter of a few seconds. It could also eliminate the ports on these devices, however, this seems like a far fetched idea. If that happens, then can potentially see the devices getting more slimmer and compact or maybe the extra space can be further used for something else. As of now, there is not a lot to speculate around this, however, we would like to know your thoughts on this, so be sure to let us know.

Source – Gadgets360


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