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Synaptics testing Natural ID™ FS4500 Fingerprint Sensor Authentication through Glass or Ceramic Buttons



Synaptics Incorporated, the leading developer of human solutions, has announced a new sampling of its new 6x6mm Natural ID™ fs4500 fingerprint sensor solutions. Synaptics is the pioneer and leader of the human interface revolution, bringing innovative and intuitive user experiences to intelligent devices. This new solution delivers secure biometric authentication through glass or ceramic buttons. It can also deliver authenticate through recessed cover glass up to 300um thick.

Sounds interesting right? Indeed it is quite interesting. It could potentially open up various new possibilities. As the durable glass buttons are increasingly being adopted on smartphones, together with Synaptics’ new solution, this could become an industry standard. The glasses comes in a wide array of shapes, sizes and finishes to meet any OEM’s requirements. Some of the new features of the FS4500 sensor that allow easy integration into mobile handset platform includes:

  • Single voltage power supply.
  • Enhanced navigation capabilities based on Synaptics’ market-leading touchscreen technology.
  • Ability to control two ‘soft keys’ with the fingerprint sensor.
  • Additional system-level security via ultra-fast TLS-secured communication
  • USB interface for simple PC integration.

The company is already leading with nearly 300 million Natural ID Units shipped. The company now claims that the new FS4500 is a testament to human interface innovation in capacitive touch fingerprint sensor through glass. This could really be a revolutionary feature if implemented properly. All the smartphones made up of glass could have this anywhere on the entire glass surface of the smartphone. This would allow the user to simply touch the device anywhere and it would automatically unlock the smartphone. We can only hope that OEM’s take this solution and implement it in their smartphones.

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This could potentially remove the need for a dedicated fingerprint scanner on the home button or at the back of the device at a specific spot and replace it with the sensor on the glass itself or even within the display. But we might have to wait for a long time until this is actually implemented into a smartphone by some OEM. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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