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Swatch Touch Zero One is a Smartwatch for Beach Volleyball Players



While the world in wearable is busy witnessing the launch of smart watches by various top-tier electronics companies, but there wasn’t a good wearable smartwatch by a watch company. Now you don’t have to wait much longer, Swatch, one of the watch industry giants from Switzerland, has finally come up with its first commercial wearable, which would be widely available, unlike company’s Swatch Touch that was hardly made it to any stores.

The Swatch Zero One is a smart notification watch that is designed to be a fitness watch, more particularly for Beach volleyball sport. Yes, that is true. Company has dedicated their new smartwatch to the Volleyball sport. The device features a curved screen with a built-in backlight along with finger-tap and side-swipe control of the original. The functions like step counter, power hits and power claps are the Beach Volley functions.

The Zero One will communicate with a smartphone via company’s proprietary app running on your phone. Though, it was not mentioned if the app would be available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. The functions like hit counter would not just count the amount of times the player has hit the ball during the game. However, it would also be able to differentiate the type of hits, like attack hits, low hits, high hits, and high fives.
It would be able to rate the players on the basis of the strength of the hits taken by the player.

Moreover, it comes with sleep and activity time functionality, as well as clap counter. It would be something different data here, as the workout would be counted as intensive, rather than calculating the straight calorie burn count out of how much distance you travelled, or steps taken.

According to the company, the battery on Zero One is supposed to last for months if not weeks. The connectivity is done by the Bluetooth Low Energy support, which also allows the device to extend battery life. The device is expected to come at a price point of $159, though, the availability dates are unknown yet.


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