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Surprisingly the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement Phones also catching fire



If you are in the market for a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, and you thought that the explosion nightmares are over, then you might be wrong. Yes, because the tales of explosion still continues with the replaced units of the Galaxy Note 7. So you might want to reconsider the plan of buying one of these Note 7 phablets and go for some other smartphone. We hate to say this, but this smartphone just don’t want to stay out of the news.

Indeed Samsung did a great job with their recall process by replacing all the Note 7 devices or at least most of them. The process was quick considering a number of devices which were shipped. And just when we thought that the whole issues solved, we get more on this. It is now reported that a 25-year old ordered his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 earlier this week and had it delivered. But things escalated quickly when he charged the device overnight. The device started pumping out black smoke and eventually burst into flames.

To this, Samsung reported that they are currently contacting the customer and a thorough examination of the device in question will be conducted, once they secure the device from him. But as of now, the situation for Samsung doesn’t look all that great. And most importantly, this is not the first time that we’ve heard these reports about the problems with the Note 7 replacement units. Just recently we also learned that these replaced units are also becoming a victim of overheating and what not.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Timeline from Launch to Explosions to the $1 Billion Recall

As of now we awaiting more confirmation on this to see what the company has to further on this issue. Let’s hope that in an attempt to rush to take over the iPhone 7 sales they didn’t compromise on the quality of them now. And as far as India is concerned, the replacement units are expected to arrive by October 7th i.e. the same date as the launch of the new iPhones in the country. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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