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How To Speed up Slow App Store & iTunes App on iOS Devices



iPhone iOS 9.3.3

Apple always ensures to stay at the top in chart among the smartphone manufacturers. It is defined by its brand value as all of its devices meet the user requirements in every aspect and satisfy the user. The Recent launch of iPhone SE smartphone is likely to be a success as it targeted mid-range customers. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s have already been on top of the charts, and now the iPhone SE might wonder us all.

Coming back to our story, as we assume that lag in the performance is quite common an Android-based devices. The same is the case with iPhones but not frequently. There seems to be a lag issue with the App store and iTunes app on the iOS devices. So, we have found a way to resolve this issue with the simple trick.

Before proceeding for the trick, the users need to know that, the lag issue may arise due to any reason and not specific. But among all, the cache is the most important aspect to be considered. So, whether it may be Android or iOS, removing cache will solve the lag issue on the devices. So, the trick we are here to know is about deleting the cache to speed up the app store and iTunes App.

Process to Speed up App Store and iTunes App on iOS devices

  • Open the App store in your device.
  • Now, you will see ‘Featured,’ ‘Top Charts,’ ‘Explore,’ ‘Search’ and ‘Updates’ icons on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap ten times on any of the icon continuously.
  • Now, the screen goes blank indicating that entire cache is deleted.
  • The same trick should be performed on the iTunes app so as to speed up the functionality.

That’s all; now you can see the enhancement in the App store and iTunes app as this trick worked very well for many users. Apart from the two, the trick can also work for iBooks and Apple Watch App. In case, if you have any doubts regarding the speed up, you can write us down in the comments section below, and we are likely to resolve the doubts for you.

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