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Sony Xperia C3 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Sony Xperia C3

The selfies are in trend for quite a time, but with developers and mobile manufacturers coming up with dedicated apps and smartphones, it is hard to not create a dedicated section for this range of smartphones. While HTC might have become a champion in this segment after announcing the stunning 13MP front-facing camera on its HTC Desire Eye, it was hard to get your eyes on any other cam for selfies.

While the pro-selfie smartphone from Sony called Xperia C3 is relatively a worthy selfie phone compared to Desire Eye. The device specs sheet includes the 5MP front facing camera with soft LED flash and 25mm wide-angle lens, and bundles the superior Auto mode to capture great selfies in night. The other specs includes a 5.5-inch HD (720p) IPS display, Snapdragon 400 SoC, Android 4.4 Kitkat, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage with external microSD card support, 8MP rear camera and 2500mAh battery.

For the Sony Xperia C3 users, we wanted to share how you can improve your experience by using the tiniest of the tricks that your smartphone is capable of doing. Here are few FAQ, tips and tricks to get you started in improving the user experience on the device.

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How to insert the SIM card on your Xperia C3?

This might be the easiest thing that one shouldn’t be asking about it, but in the case of the Xperia C3, it is quite confusing. For those confused C3 users, we recommend you to look carefully for the SIM card slot on the right side of the phone, which can be seen once you pop-out the dedicated micro SIM card tray inside the door. Note that, when you slide out the SIM card tray, the phone will restart automatically.

How to use Pixlr Express Application on your Xperia C3?

Sony Xperia C3 - Pixlr Express

Since, Xperia C3 is sold with a title of professional selfie, company had to pre-install an application that can allow you to do all editing on your selfies and post it on the social networks. So, Pixlr Express is that application, which is a full-fledged image editor as well as can make collages. The is designed by the leader in image editing software, the Autodesk Inc. Now let us guide you what you can do with this app.

The app allows you to take photos directly from your camera, and edit and make collage right inside the app. While you can use the stock camera app to take selfies or either you can install the popular camera apps like Candy Camera, LINE camera app, etc. to take interesting pictures, as they have lots of filters and options, which is not available on basic camera app. With Pixlr Express, you can easily turn your selfies into an amazing set of collage. The collage feature allows you to play around with the large number of images and allows you to have different kind of layout, background, spacing, roundness, as well as proportions. So, this is what all you can do with this app on your Xperia C3.

How to avoid late night wake up calls on my Xperia C3?

Use Smart Connect to put your Xperia C3 on a timer for silent mode and keep it quiet when you’re trying to catch up
on sleep. Say goodbye to those 4am calls from forgetful friends in a different time zone.

How to use the Android Beam feature on my Xperia C3?

Sony Xperia C3 - Android Beam

This feature was also present on the Xperia Z3 model, which is fairly useful feature as it allows users to beam the content to another NFC-enabled device. For instance, the two NFC-enabled devices can beam contents like browser pages, youtube videos, as well as the contacts and much more contents. To use this feature on the C3, first you need to go to settings area, and then to tap on the More in the Wireless & Networks section, which will open a list of options. From that list, you need to select make sure that the NFC is enabled by checking the box in front of it. Now open the Android Beam option by tapping on it, and turn on the function whenever you need to beam the contents on other NFC-enabled devices.

How to Install external apps with apk files?

It is fairly easy to bypass this feature on the new Xperia C3. You just have to go to the security options, when you go to the settings area. Now search the option aptly named, “Unknown sources.” You need to check the box in front of that option. There you go, now you can simply install the apk files directly from your device. But do remember that, installing the apps form unknown sources might damage your new Xperia C3.

How to share your Data network via Tethering?

Sony Xperia C3 - Tethering

This is one of the most widely used features of the Android smartphone and is almost same on most of the Android-powered smartphones, except in few smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, etc. Since, Sony has the same options settings, where it is mostly present in the Android stock OS, you can found this option in the same place.

To remind you that, go to settings area, and then tap on the more option in Wireless & Networks section, which will open all the available options. There you need to select Tethering & mobile hotspot option, where you can setup your Wi-Fi hotspot, and check the Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot option in order to share the data pack of your mobile device. Note that, your mobile data should be turned on, if you want to share the internet connection of your device.

How to take a screenshot on my Xperia C3?

It is another easiest and most widely used feature of the Android operating system, which is just easily the same on the most Android-powered devices. You have to press the power button (found on the right side) and the volume down button to take a screenshot. And the saved screenshot can be directly viewed from the notification panel.

How to use Sony Xperia C3 easily with One hand (One-handed operations)?

Sony Xperia C3 - One Handed Operations

For a large screen sized (5.5-inch and above) devices, the company tends to give special functions that would allow users to use some of the features using one hand. Sony has also given the option, which can be found in the settings area of the device. Go to Settings, and then scroll down to below, where you will find an option named One-hand operations. Tapping on that will lead you to the two options, one allows you to use pattern/PIN to unlock screen and other lets you use Double-tap home icon functionality to access notifications panel, all with one-handed operations.

How to check for Android Updates on Xperia C3?

To do that, you need to go to the About phone section, which can be done by opening the settings area, and then scroll to the bottom, where you will find that section. Now go to the first option in the About phone and tap on it, as it will start checking for any system update over-the-air. If there is any update, you will be notified right away about it.

How to edit Quick settings in Notification Panel?

Sony Xperia C3 - Quick Settings

For large screen high-end devices, you will notice quick setting panels as there are tons of functionality available on that device. In short, the Xperia C3 has a quick settings panel, which can be easily editable according to the needs. To do that, users need to go to notification panel and jump to quick settings. Where they need to select the edit option, which will open a list of options. In front of those options, you need to check the box if you want it to appear in the notification panel. That’s all, the effects can be seen right away.

How to use my Xperia C3 when wearing gloves?

This feature is quite useful to the part of the globe where people have to wear the gloves all over the winter or in some specific countries the winter is all over the year. The glove feature is mostly helpful to those consumers, as it allows the proper usage of touch screen interface. When you enable this feature, the smartphone increases the sensitivity of the screen as it becomes hard for screen to detect a touch while you are using your smartphone when wearing the gloves.

How to push content from your Xperia C3 to the TV?

Sony Xperia C3 - Throw Feature

While there are dozens of uses of NFC, you can also use it to mirror video content on your TV. To do that, you need to go to settings, then Xperia section, where you will find Mirroring option. Now have the phone search for the suitable NFC-enabled device. Unfortunately, so far it only works with the Sony Bravia TV with NFC that the company demoed at CES. For any other device, you need to go to settings and then tap on a feature aptly named Throw. It uses the widely supported DLNA tech and your Wi-Fi connection to push video and music to your TV or speakers.

How to Manage App Drawer – Sort, Uninstall, Hide apps?

There are many customized User interfaces out there in the Android smartphone ecosystem, as it allows full customization. While some companies like Samsung has not able to tap the best use of that because there TouchWiz UI is pretty much the slowest UX based on Android. Whereas Sony Xperia series has one of the interesting and smoothest interfaces among other Android UX. It is just easily being manageable right from a left swipe as it will open the more options for managing the app drawer. Which includes the searching of apps, uninstalling, as well as sorting in alphabetical, most used and installed ordered. You can also directly go to the Sony’s little market, which shows the recommended apps by the company.

Will the Sony Xperia C3 phone get Android 5.0 Lollipop update?

While the Sony is known to provide latest Android updates faster than most of the mobile vendors, we cannot be sure whether the Xperia C3 will get this upgrade. Though, Sony has committed to updating its flagship devices like Xperia Z3, Z3 compact and other Z series of smartphones. You will have to wait longer to find out whether or not your Xperia C3 will be getting the Android Lollipop upgrade.


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