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Smartron Sachin SRT.Phone Hands-on, Top Features & Unboxing



Smartron launched their new smartphone, the today here at an event here in New Delhi, India. By now, you might already know this that the new is not a successor to the which the company launched recently. The is rather a new approach from the company as they are now trying to tap into the mid-ranged Android market with this smartphone. We got our hands on this smartphone a bit early and we decided to do a quick unboxing and show you how the device looks like, what all comes inside the box and what are our thoughts on this device.

As you can see, right out of the bag, on the front we have Sachin Tendulkar’s photo on top of the box indicating that it this device is being launched in his name and is sort of dedicated to him. Further opening up the box, we have the device itself upfront. Inside the box, all we get is the charging cradle and the micro USB cable to connect your device to the charger or for data syncing using a PC. The internal presentation is more or less similar to what we saw last year with the, which is not a bad thing. And yes, you also get some paperwork to go along with them.

Now with all that stuff out of the way, let’s simply talk about the device itself. It has a completely new design, unlike anything we saw last year with the The new appears to have more curves and overall feels good in the hand. We are not going to dig deep into the specs since you might already know it. If not, then check out the unboxing video which we posted on our YouTube Channel. You can also watch the video here –

Top Features of the Smartron –

Android 7.1 Out of the box

We see a lot of smartphone launches every day where a ton of devices are launched in this price point. However, not even half of them are running on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. The Smartron, on the other hand, is running on Android 7.1 out of the bxo which is definitely a welcome feature. The fact that the company went for the latest version of Android despite the pricing is really commendable and totally something to be appreciative about.


One of the highlights of this device apart from having Sachin Tendulkar’s name is its pricing. The pricing of this particular smartphone starts from 12,999 INR which is comparable to the likes of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4, etc. In this price, it appears to be a great deal since it packs decent set of specs as well. This might not be the most powerful smartphone of all time in this price point but it is surely amongst the best one out there.

Removable back

Although the battery is not removable, the back of the device is removable and is user replaceable. Now, this might not sound like a huge deal for most people but it is indeed a nice feature to have since you can replace the back of the device anytime you want. Considering the fact that the back of a smartphone is what usually gets scratched, etc. making this user replaceable definitely calls for an appreciation to the company. In fact, if you feel like going crazy, then you can also buy the separate special edition back cover with Sachin Tendulkar’s photo on it.

Overall, to sum it up, the new Smartron seems like a nice package for the price at which it is being offered at. Initial impressions are good since its performance is quite snappy. However, do make a note that this is not a final review and is only our initial impression. If you wish to know more about this device in future, then let us know what would you like us to cover about this smartphone and we will try to make it happen in our future videos, etc. Having said that, be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on this smartphone.


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