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Smartphone Explodes while on Display at an Indian Phone Store, Shatters Rack’s Glass



The smartphone explosions aren’t new to the world, but the Galaxy Note 7‘s manufacturing defect which caused series of explosions made the user to think in a new way. During the fiasco of the Note 7 explosions, few airlines even banned the use of all Samsung smartphone on their flights. The company had stopped production and also removed 90% of the sold devices from the market. In last few months, there are many other smartphone explosion cases reported. Now, a video of smartphone explosion inside an Indian retail store is circulating on Whatsapp.

While no one is injured in this particular incident, the explosion has completely shattered the shelf in which the device is displayed. There is no clear information about the details of the exploded device. Unlike other Chinese brands, both Vivo and OPPO are heavily marketing in the offline market. By seeing the Vivo’s branding in the background, we expect it to be one of the Vivo retail outlets. The date on video footage revealed the incident happened almost two weeks ago, i.e.; December 1st, 2016.

Last week, we also reported about a new Samsung smartphone explosion onboard of a Taiwan-bound flight. A year-old Galaxy S6 has exploded mid-flight and emitted a dense smoke in the cabin. Luckily, there are no big damages even in this incident. The user was left with small burns on the hand and exploded device was later sealed in an ice bucket. The Taiwanese authorities are investigating the issue behind this explosion and the official report can be expected soon. As of now, there is no ban imposed on the use of Samsung devices.

Coming back to the latest incident, we will be updating once we get complete details regarding this particular explosion. Stay tuned on Phoneradar as we are yet to confirm the device that caused the explosion.

We need your help in finding out the store name, the phone model that has got exploded as seen in the video in getting more updates from that specific brand on why this happened. Share this with your friends and let us know in the comments section if you get to know more. We were tipped with this video by someone & we are looking out for more information.

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