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SHIFT5 + Modular Smartphone announced with Swappable Display, Memory & Battery



Shift5 + Smartphones

On the lines of the Project Ara we are seeing many new brands coming up every other week that offer something similar but are priced very high. This week a new brand dubbed as Shift Phones has launched a new Modular Phone called as SHIFT5 + that comes with an interesting option of dual OS out of which the user can select their choice. You get the Android Lollipop 5.1 or the Windows Phone 10 options, that you can select while pre-ordering the phone next month on the official site. The product would be actually available from Q3 2016, clearly pointing that your money would be blocked for almost a year before you see the phone in your hands.

There is not much information about the device at the moment while the little we know is that it comes with a 2GB of RAM and a minimum of 32GB of Internal memory that can be expanded with an external card. According to Shift Phones, the device would have a battery with a capacity between 2500 to 3000 mAh, that’s pretty low compared to the pricing of the device. The Shift5 + would have a 5″ IPS Display along with a 13MP rear camera & a 5MP front selfie camera. Considering that the device would be available by the next year end, we feel that these mentioned specifications would be outdated considering that these hardware specifications are already available on Smartphones priced below $300.

Once the Pre-orders are open all the other specifications would be out & that’s when you can decide if you should pre-order or not. The device has a retail price listed at €444 which points that there’s not much of a pricing difference in the pricing when compared to the pre-order prices. This project is similar to Fonkraft & Fairphone 2 that we had covered earlier, along with PuzzlePhone that is still available on Indiegogo to back.

This could only be an option if you have 400 Euros in spare because the hardware is not impressive while the most important factor of not recommending the phone is no information on the modules. With a very little information available at the moment & a roadmap that tells that you have to wait for almost a year, we expect that the Project Ara devices would be available around that time. It’s your money & your call, take a wise decision.


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