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PuzzlePhone Modular Smart Phone available to Order on Indiegogo



Meet PuzzlePhone – A Modular Smart Phone that you can customise based on your needs & usage patterns. Broke your phone’s display? Nothing to worry you can just swap that module & move on using your phone. Earlier there have been many similar concepts announced like the Fonkraft that was canceled, Fairphone 2 that’s available from 529 Euros. The biggest deal breaker was the Project Ara that is still in progress along with Google & is still in the right direction, while the first product from this is still expected to launch soon.

The 5-inch PuzzlePhone will be crowd funded from today on Indiegogo, where you can grab the first devices at a very low price, while the same could go up after a minimum of 750 units are backed. The MRP of these devices would be 449 EUR & 499 EUR depending on the storage configurations. The first announcement of this project was in the media in 2014, following which there were timelines about the idea & the PuzzlePhone would be built & Mass produced in 2016 followed by deliveries in the Q3 or Q4. It runs on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and will be available in 16GB/32GB/64GB storage variants.

Here are the options available if you wish to back this modular Smart Phone that’s available in three modules i.e.

  • Brain: CPU, GPU, RAM, memory, and cameras.
  • Spine: Display & the Form Factor.
  • Heart: Battery, User chosen features.

PuzzlePhone Modules

    1. Very Early Bird The 1st Edition: 299 EUR / MSRP invaluable! This is the one and only opportunity to get the PuzzlePhone mobile experience delivered at the very lowest price. Only 250 units available.
    2. Early Bird PuzzlePhone: 399 EUR / MSRP 599 EUR. PuzzlePhone is the sine qua non for those who love Finnish design and style. Consumer delight delivered through modern and functional balance of technology and beauty. Limited to 500 units.
    3. Indiegogo Special, Limited Edition PuzzlePhone: 699 EUR / MSRP invaluable! The Indiegogo Special Limited Edition PuzzlePhone puts design excellence and craftsmanship into an object of pure desire. Limited to 150 units.

Here’s a video that talks about the modules, the advantage of the modular phone.

We have asked a few questions with the PuzzlePhone team & below are the answers regarding same .

1. What are the specifications and in-box contents of this Phone ?
Check out the complete specifications of PuzzlePhone from our gadget page.

In box package includes:

  • 1 Spine + 1 Brain + 1 Heart = 1 Fully Operational PuzzlePhone
  • AC/DC USB Type C charger + USB cable
  • Headphones with integrated microphone
  • Quick Reference guide and Warranty Card

2. On the website, its mentioned that the batteries last 3 years, screen for 10 years, but what’s the durability of the modules on the PuzzlePhone?

The average lifespan of those components, before need to replace and if not broken by accident, are those you mention. The PuzzlePhone modularity allow to exchange just the relevant module and not the whole devices.

3. Would the devices be shipped to International Locations? If yes would the 4G Bands be supported in countries like China, India, Hong Kong etc..?

The device will be certified and shipped to Indiegogo backers in these destinations: European Union, United States of America, Canada, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina,Georgia,  Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City.

4. When are the upgradable Modules planned to be offered considering that the product would be available from Q4 2016 to the backers?

We expect to have spare modules to be available in the same quarter as the first deliveries start to be shiped.

5. What are the software customisations offered to the users? Any specific applications or options?

The first PuzzlePhone will have a Brain module based in Google (Android CTS) as most users expect access to the official Google Play App Store. In the near future we expect thir parties to adapt other OS (like Android AOSP, Sailfish OS, Ubuntu Touch, etc.) to work in PuzzlePhone Brains, and even to produce Brains with a particular OS.

We will keep you posted about the product, while we are quite skeptical on who would back a device that would be coming a year later, with almost no information on the future of the project. On a side note the Project Ara is something that is expected to start from $50, with a range of modules that you can swap & upgrade or downgrade depending on your requirements. Talking about the upgradeable modules, they will be available to purchase starting from Q3/Q4 2016 but there is no word on pricing of the modules.

Have a look at the PuzzlePhone campaign on Indiegogo


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