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Several iPhone Users Report a Critical FaceTime Bug, Apple Disables Group FaceTime and Promises a Fix



We all know about why iPhones are popular; there are many reasons to that – you may call that because of the ecosystem others like iMessages, and there are more as well. Out of which, one of the popular services that iPhones offer is FaceTime – Apple’s proprietary audio & video calling service amongst the iPhone users. Well, several iPhone users have noticed a FaceTime bug that lets you eavesdrop your fellow FaceTime contact, which you have attempted to make a call.

To elaborate, going through several user reports and according to 9to5Mac, a new security bug will let users hear the audio of the person they are calling, even before they pick up the call. This was achieved by making a regular FaceTime call to a person ( running on latest iOS 12.1.3), and before the caller picks up the call, you need to add a person in the ongoing call, wherein you can add your phone number to activate Group FaceTime. Then, FaceTime thinks it as a Group FaceTime call and triggers the microphone of the person you were calling, even before picking up the call. What’s more is that the person who the user has called doesn’t have any knowledge that his/her microphone is activated for the unpicked call as well. This allows the users to eavesdrop and listen to their FaceTime contacts, which is quite shocking.

Furthermore adding to that the bug doesn’t end there additionally when the above mentioned process is repeated and if a user instead of not picking up decides to silent the FaceTime call – by pressing power or any of the volume buttons once, it triggers front camera of the person as well. This, allows users to view the person through his/her front facing camera, however, it then disables the microphone from hearing. All this, without the person’s knowledge, which is far more worse.

Apple, a company who usually stands firm about their user’s privacy has acknowledged the issue quickly. According to the report, since its a critical security bug, Apple had stated the FaceTime bug would be resolved as soon as possible with a fix through an update in a week. Until then Apple had disabled the Group FaceTime calling from its server side, and users cannot use the Group FaceTime until an update has been rolled out. If you are still concern about the bug, it is recommended to disable the FaceTime through your iPhone’s settings for the time being, until a fixed update is rolled out. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more updates.

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